Dedolight DLWAR - Same as DLWA but with rotating barn door leaves for Classic Series



Same as DLWA but with rotating barn door leaves for Classic Series / Series 200

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En savoir plus  

Rotating barn door leaves give parallel shadows, for the first time in lighting history

Why do we need rotating barn door leaves?

All traditional barn door leaves can only be adjusted parallel to each other.

Isn‘t that amazing ... 

practically most lighting situations work from an angle (usually from above) in which case the shadow edges of traditional barn door leaves will no longer show as parallel, but as a trapezoidal shape.

That is not the way our houses, rooms, doors and pictures are built.

When rotating the barn door leaves of the dedolight (special barn doors like DBD2 and the barn door leaves on the wide-angle attachments) it enables you for the first time to light vertical and rectangular edges of objects with precision.

• widen angle of exit up to 85° or 90°
• perfect light distribution
• minimum light loss
• continuously focusable
• always full control - these Wide Eye attachments   work with 8 barn door leaves
• even better - the barn door leaves can rotate    (another dedolight patent)

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