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iXm Pro Reporter Microphone, built-in Recorder, BEYER Omni capsule included, Line in,...
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Yellowtec iXm Pro Reporter Microphone

As a combination of Yellowtec recording equipment and a special Yellowtec Edition of Steinberg’s WaveLab mastering software, the iXm WaveLab Bundle is the perfect all-in-one package for audio recording and editing. By adding up perfectly leveled recordings with WaveLab’s editing tools, the bundle offers a production environment to optimize journalistic workflows.

Choose the bundle with the iXm’s beyerdynamic PREMIUM head with omni-directional pattern to equip yourself with the out-of-the-box solution designed for recordings in quiet environments. beyerdynamic’s omni-directional microphone head is recommended for recordings of discussions and talks in conference rooms, voice recordings in your own office or around other quiet surroundings. As an electret microphone head, it is created to capture smallest sound pressure levels. Its recording pattern is more sensitive in higher frequency ranges which results in a higher resolved pattern in the end zone compared to a dynamic microphone head.

To edit your recordings, we equip you with the WaveLab Yellowtec Edition production software which delivers enhanced tools for superb editing results. Providing an easy-to-use interface with a dedicated Yellowtec feature ribbon, it gives quick access to all essential functions. Known as a go-to audio mastering software for many engineers the world over, Steinberg’s WaveLab includes professional editing and analysis tools plus metadata management.


- All-in-one-package for audio recording and editing 

- Combines Steinberg's WaveLab Yellowtec Edition with an iXm Recording Mic with head and accessories

- Secures straightforward workflows

- Universal iXm recording device especially developed for journalists

- Perfect audio levels at the push of a button

- Onboard LEA DSP Engine gives you perfect levels in every recording 

- Whether wisper or cry, you will always enjoy a perfect audio level

- Amazing recordings even under stressful conditions, no matter the environment

- Steinberg's WaveLab Yellowtec Edition equips you with an easy-to-use interface tailored to journalists

- Yellowtec feature ribbon combines all essential functions in one central place

- Metadata and marker handling, level and loudness metering

- High-quality effects, such as EQ and limiter

- Including audio montage workspace for creating successive interviews

- Twist-Off-Twist-On (TOTO) interchangeable mic heads allow for flexibility in the matter of pickup pattern

- Fully compatible with all iXm Heads

- As an innovative app for iOS and Android iXm Uplink simplifies your reporting

- iXm Uplink faciliates the uplink of data from the iXm and your mobile device

- Choose a wireless SD card to connect your iXm with your mobile device via WiFi link

- iXm Uplink provides sophisticated edititing, archiving and meta tag features

- Use iXm Uplink to download soundfiles from your iXm and edit them

- Distribute your *.WAV, *.BWF and MP2 (MPEG1 Layer2) files via email, Dropbox and FTP.

- Easy-to-use, intuitive instrumental panel reduced to efficiency

- Shock-mount isolation efficiently protects your recording from handheld noise

- Light-up icons for recording status, battery status and memory status

- Intelligent power management: Total operation time of up to 16 hours

- Automatic load-balance of both power sources

- Sturdy metal construction

- Dark grey silk-mat anodized appearance

- Includes iXm Pouch as a storage option for your iXm

- Includes iXm Windscreen ffor recordings in windy environments

- Various additional iXm Accessories are available


PREMIUM beyerdynamic omni-directional iXm Mic Head: 

- Electret condenser microphone capsule

- TOTO's auto-sensing detects the type of attached mic head and automatically adapts the DSP to the right parameters

- Sensitivity: 6mV/Pa +/- 4dB

- Impedance: 200Ohm

- Dimensions: 72mm x ø48mm

- Weight: 92g

- Wide natural frequency response

iXm Recorder:

- Onboard LEA DSP Engine gives you perfect recording levels in every recording 

- No AGC, no artefacts, no pumping noise

- Well-positioned dashboard consisting of two buttons and three light-up icons

- Rugged, large, reliable and dust/waterproof buttons without any handling noise

-  Unique dual-power supply: Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery & battery compartment for 3 standard AA cells 

- Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz +/- 1,5dB @44.1 + 48kHz

- Input reffered Noise: -105dB (@60dB Gain)

- THD+N: 0.01% @20dB GainTHD+N

- Gain: Up to 60dB Gain

- High-Pass Filter: 12dB/oct. @80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 200Hz (switchable)

- Capsule Filter: 3 times parametric filters autoselected by capsule type recognition

Line Input:

- Line Input Level (balanced): -20dBu .... 6dBu @FS

- Line Input Level (unbalanced): -20dBu .... 0dBu @ FS

- THD+N: 0.00% or -78dB @ -3 dBFS

Line Output:

- Line Output Level (balanced): 20dBu .... 6dBu @FS

- Line Output Level (unbalanced): -20dBu ....0 dBu @FS

- Line Output Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz +/- 1dB @44.1 and 48Hz

- THD+N: 0,01% or -78dB @ -3 dBFS

Digital Parameters:

- Sampling Frequency: 48kHz, 44.1kHz, 32kHz

- Bit Resolution: 16Bit

- Audio Formats: Linear PCM, MPEG1 Layer 2

- Bit Rates MPEG mono: 128, 160, 192kbps

- Bit Rates MPEG dual-channel: 256, 320, 384kbps

- Number of Channels: 1 mono or 2 dual-channel (mono)

Headphone Out:

- Minimum Impedance: 16Ohm

- Output Power: 40mW @16Ohm 


- Memory Card: SD or SDHC Memory Card up to 16GB

- File System: FAT16 FAT32 (SD Card)

- File Format: BWF, WAV, MP2, Support of BWF Header information (Version 0)

- Data Connection: USB 2.0

- Recording Time: Recording Time depends on SD Card and File-Format: Example: 2GB = 22.75hrs @192kBps mono

Dimenisons & Weight:

- Total Length Recorder: 193mm

- Diameter Recorder: 36mm

- Weight Recorder: 263g


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