Sony HKCU-SFP50 - ST-2110 Interface Kit for HDCU3500/5500



ST-2110 Interface Kit for HDCU3500/5500
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Sony ST-2110 Interface Kit for HDCU3500/5500

12G SDI-IP Converter Board with two 1.5/3G-SDI and two 12G-SDI ports, supporting SMPTE ST 2110 in HD/4K and HDR

The NXLK-IP51Y 12G SDI-IP Converter Board offers two 1.5/3G-SDI bi-directional and two 12G-SDI x2 bi-directional ports, plus dual SFP28 (25Gb Ethernet) ports for network connection redundancy. Compatible with ST 2110-20/30/40 streaming formats and offering very low latency signal conversion, it’s ideal for integration in real-time IP Live production environments.


Versatile SDI-IP conversion of 4K/HD/HDR signals

The NXLK-IP51Y supports both 4K and HD video signals. Equipped with two 1.5/3G-SDI and two 12G-SDI I/O ports, it can convert signals from SDI to IP and from IP to SDI. As standard it supports SDI-IP conversion with frame synchronisation. This can be optionally expanded to up/down conversion and SDR/HDR conversion.

Long distance, low latency transmission by SFP28 interface

The NXLK-IP51Y can transmit signals over distances up to 300m via multi-mode fibre cable, using the optional SFP28 transceiver module, OTM-25GSR.

Supports SNMP for reduced equipment downtime

The NXLK-IP51Y supports Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) for remote monitoring and effective scheduling of maintenance for minimum disruption to production operations.

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