Matthews 395205 - Centipede II Wheel Set



Centipede II Wheel Set

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Matthews Centipede II Camera Support Dolly 

The Matthews Centipede II is a camera support dolly offering stable camera movement on curved tracks in television, video, and film production. It includes two 34" long main carriages, each featuring two split-carriage assemblies. Two separate four-wheeled carriages reside in each assembly and enable enhanced pivoting. By pairing the split-carriage design with increased wheel hardness, this camera support dolly delivers smooth tracking and improved contact reliability. Constructed of aluminum and steel, the Centipede II is both lightweight and heavy-duty. For simplified transport, it can be housed in the Centipede II case (available separately).

- 32-wheeled camera support dolly features eight carriages, each with four wheels

- Split-carriage design ensures smoother tracking and contact on curved track

- Splitting the large carriages into two smaller carriages allows each individual carriage to pivot quicker and more precisely to accommodate the changing radiuses of curved track layouts

- Centipede II wheels have been hardened to reduce flat spots

- Includes two 34" long main carriages, each with two split-carriage assemblies




Construction Material

Main Carriage: Aluminum

Components: Steel

Dimensions (L x W)

34 x 8" / 86.4 x 20.3 cm


27.5 lb / 12.5 kg (set of two)


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