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We view the exceptional and stable quality of our products and services as an essential factor for successful b

We view the exceptional and stable quality of our products and services as an essential factor for successful business operations. To us, quality means meeting the demands of our customers in the best possible manner. This involves aligning our products, services and processes closely to the needs of our customers, statutory regulations and standards, and environmental sustainability requirements. That said, quality is an important criterion for purchase decision-making and helps us form a stable bond with our customers.

An essential part of our company policy is practicing environmental protection as a matter of company policy, which is also expected by our customers. We are aware that our products, services and activities affect the environment. We therefore see it as our duty to limit the impact on the environment within the scope of our financial and technical abilities and to mini-mize this impact using well-conceived processes.

Our responsibility with regard to the treatment of the environment and resources requires that we determine and evaluate the environmental aspects that are relevant to us, fulfill established environmental objectives and programs, and satisfy the verification process for fulfilling these using measurable criteria.

Since we are aware of our joint responsibility to humans and the environment, we have set a goal to harmonize profitable production and environmental protection by improving environmental ratings and avoiding or reducing environmental impacts wherever technically and or-ganizationally possible and economically feasible. Naturally, it is important to us to comply with statutory and regulatory requirements, other environment-related interests, as well as our own established requirements for environmental protection and to exceed these requirements when possible.

Every employee is part of our management system and has the right and obligation to work toward eliminating circumstances that

- prevent production of products and services of excellent quality,
- needlessly impact the environment, and
- negatively impact occupational health and safety.
   By providing information and training, we are promoting conduct our employees that reflects quality awareness, environmental consciousness and occupational safety awareness within and outside of our company.

Constant improvement of our quality, environmental and occupational safety-related efforts is also our medium and long-term requirement for effective cost reduction and an important con-tribution to protecting the environment.

Our management team is constantly working to ensure that requirements in our management system that apply to the management members' areas of responsibility are implemented, and that the system is evaluated for effectiveness and is constantly improved. Our understanding of the management process and the attitude of all employees with regard to quality, the envi-ronment and occupational safety are essential in order to satisfy our customers and thus to ensure the long-term success of our company.

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