Eartec UL312 -- UltraLITE 3 person system



UltraLITE 3 person system w/ 1 Single 2 Double Headsets, batteries & case
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The Eartec UltraLITE 312 3-Person Headset System includes 1 UltraLITE Single Master Headset, 2 UltraLITE Double Remote Headsets, 3 LX600LI Lithium Batteries, 1 2- Port Charger with Adapter, and Small Soft Side Case. It is designed to accommodate three-person crews who need to communicate wirelessly while simultaneously working with their hands.

The UltraLITE Single Master Headset weighs 4 oz, can transmit audio at a speed of 1.152 Mb/s, and can last for up to 6 hours before requiring a recharge. It features a built-in transceiver inside the ear cup. This self-contained all-in-one design eliminated the need for headset wires and even belt-worn radios. It provides 2-way voice communication for users who need to work with their hands and also listen via one ear to what is happening around them.

Each UltraLITE Double Remote Headset works in conjunction with the Master Headset for controlling the voice communication between users.

The 2-Port Charger with Adapter includes LED indicators that turn from red to green when the corresponding battery is fully charged. It offers a maximum charging time of 3 hours. Since batteries charge outside the headset, you can keep spare batteries in the charger and change them without interrupting the system operation.

The Small Soft-Side Case is designed to store your entire intercom system. Constructed from waterproof nylon material, the case features padded compartments to keep all headsets organized. It also features a pocket with hook and loop fastener for storing the multi-port charger and spare batteries. In addition, the molded plastic handle makes transport easy and convenient for on-location work.

UltraLITE Single-Ear Master Headset with Rechargeable Lithium Battery

UltraLITE Dual-Ear Remote Headset with Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Multi-Port Charging Base with Adapter for 2 Batteries

Small Soft Padded Case for Select UltraLITE Headset Systems

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