Terms and Conditions of Sale

1. General
1.1. The terms and conditions of sale (referred to hereinafter as T&COS) define the procedures and services between Visuals (Switzerland) Sàrl and its clients.
1.2. Differing agreements are not valid unless approved in writing by Visuals (Switzerland) Sàrl.

2. Offers
2.1. Visuals (Switzerland) Sàrl Online shop offers are made without prejudice and are therefore not confirmed. Email confirmation and delivery of goods are the determining factors. Offers are made subject to availability of products from our suppliers and manufacturers.
2.2. All product information, photos, technical specifications, accessory links, etc, are given without guarantee. Manufacturers’ specifications are confirmed at the point of delivery.
2.3. Visuals (Switzerland) Sàrl assumes no responsibility concerning the content of external web pages.

3. Price
3.1. All Visuals (Switzerland) Sàrl prices are shown net in CHF (Swiss francs) excluding VAT.
3.2. Auxiliary costs (e.g. transport, packing, additional payment methods charges) are indicated separately at the foot of the invoice.
3.3. Price validity is subject to order date, and price changes during order fulfilment are not taken into account.
3.4. Information is provided subject to and excluding technical modifications, mistakes or typing errors.
3.5. Visuals (Switzerland) Sàrl reserves the right to change its prices without notice.
3.6. Sales prices do not include any service advice or technical assistance.

4. Payment methods
4.1. Visuals (Switzerland) Sàrl accepts pre-payment, credit/debit cards, sale against invoice and extended payment arrangements.
4.2. When accepting payment by credit/debit card, the amount is debited at the time of the order being placed. Visuals (Switzerland) Sàrl may activate or deactivate specific credit/debit cards at any time without notice. Data transfer is encrypted.
4.3. In case of payment against invoice, the invoice is made at the time of delivery. Payment is required in 30 days.
4.4. Visuals (Switzerland) Sàrl may invoice reminder charges.
4.5. In case of prepayment, the proforma invoice should be paid in 5 days, if not Visuals (Switzerland) may cancel the order.
4.6. Visuals (Switzerland) Sàrl reserves the right to make enquiries as to a client’s solvability, and with this in mind may transmit client information to a third party. Visuals (Switzerland) Sàrl may refuse certain payment methods, either generally or specifically, without need for justification.

5. Payment and retention of title
5.1. If a client is late concerning a part or all of the purchase price, Visuals (Switzerland) Sàrl may without notice suspend further deliveries, either totally or partially, until all the amounts due have been paid.
5.2. If a client does not acquit his/her debt after having been according an extension, Visuals (Switzerland) Sàrl can demand an indemnity and proceed according to the Swiss Code of Obligations (CO). Visuals (Switzerland) Sàrl may delegate the task of debt recovery to a third party.
5.3. Visuals (Switzerland) Sàrl may charge additional amounts for accepting certain payment methods, and modify these charges without prior notice.
5.4. Visuals (Switzerland) Sàrl may charge interest upon extended payments, in the form of annual interest, and may modify this without prior notice.
5.5. Articles delivered by Visuals (Switzerland) Sàrl remain the property of Visuals (Switzerland) Sàrl until all the purchase price (including any additional charges) has been remitted to Visuals (Switzerland) Sàrl. The customer undertakes to take all good care of such articles, whilst they remain the property of Visuals (Switzerland) Sàrl.

6. Deliveries and partial deliveries
6.1. Visuals (Switzerland) Sàrl will confirm a submitted order by email.
6.2. Delivery times given by Visuals (Switzerland) Sàrl are for information only. These are not firm dates. If a delivery time cannot be satisfied, the client may cancel the order after a further 60 days, a confirmation of which the client must send in writing. In this case, the client may not claim any further compensation.
6.3. Visuals (Switzerland) Sàrl may cancel confirmed orders, due to external circumstances beyond its control and against its wishes, without there being any financial consequences.
6.4. Visuals (Switzerland) Sàrl may make partial deliveries is necessary.
6.5. Visuals (Switzerland) Sàrl may make deliveries and partial deliveries by varying modes of transport. Delivery is officially made at street-level, not on an upper floor nor in the client’s premises. Whether to leave small items in front of the client’s door or in a letterbox is a decision made by the delivery company.
6.6. Visuals (Switzerland) Sàrl does not dispose of old items.

7. Transport risk, damage and guarantee
7.1. Delivered items are covered by insurance.
7.2. The client undertakes to inspect immediately all delivered items, to ensure deliveries are complete and undamaged. Any claims should be made to Visuals (Switzerland) as soon as possible, latest 5 days after delivery.
7.3. In any claim, all original packaging should be kept until written approval is received from Visuals (Switzerland) Sàrl.

8. Returns and refunds
8.1. As a general rule, items cannot be returned.
8.2. Goods may be returned in certain exceptional cases, always requiring the written agreement of Visuals (Switzerland) Sàrl. In such a case, the client will receive a RMA number and a return address.
8.3. Goods should be returned in the original packaging, complete with all accessories and with the original invoice attached. Goods returns are made at the costs and risk of the client.
8.4. In case of unauthorised returns, Visuals (Switzerland) Sàrl, reserves the right to demand an indemnity from the client.
8.5. Goods returned without the original packaging, which are incomplete, lacking accessories, without RMA number or to the wrong address, will be sent back to the customer. In this case Visuals (Switzerland) Sàrl reserves the right to demand an indemnity from the client for the additional administrative costs involved.
8.6 In cases where a return is authorised, a credit note will be issued, or a bank transfer will be executed within 10 days of product receipt.

9. Original packaging
9.1. The original packaging guarantees the best protection for the goods. Wherever possible, the original packaging should be kept, such that if returned for repair, the item can be returned complete and protected. Where this is not possible, the goods should be sent in appropriate packaging so as to be protected during the transport.

10. Non applicability of legal guarantees, guarantee conditions, guarantee extensions. Within the limits authorised by law, Visuals (Switzerland) Sàrl declines all responsibility concerning the vendor’s guarantee, which is replaced by the following conditions:
10.1. When buying from Visuals (Switzerland) Sàrl only the guarantee conditions (particularly the length of guarantee period) stated by the manufacturer, are valid. The client should make any guarantee claims directly via Visuals (Switzerland) Sàrl.
10.2. The delivery note proves possession for guarantee purposes and as such should be carefully retained.
10.3. As a general rule, the manufacturer’s guarantee conditions are limited to the repair or possible replacement of the defective item, excluding non-covered items. Reasons for exclusion are notably natural causes, humidity, damage due to shock or fall, normal wear-and-tear, software issues, handling errors, third party damage, as well as non-authorised interventions or modifications carried out on the item. Also excluded are wear-and-tear items, batteries, projector bulbs and casing parts. The decision whether to repair or replace an items remains the domain of the manufacturer. An exchange does not renew/restart the guarantee period. Repair at home is not part of the guarantee process. The replaced item and parts become the manufacturer’s property. The client may make no further claims under the guarantee. Manufacturers guarantee conditions may vary.

11. Repairs
11.1. For all repairs, the client should contact Visuals (Switzerland) Sàrl directly.
11.2. Items should be returned in their original packaging, complete with all accessories. If not possible, the item should be returned in appropriate packaging to be adequately protected during the transport. Deliveries costs are borne by the client. In case of insufficient packaging, the transport company may refuse to accept the item.

12. Jurisdiction and applicable law. Within the limits of the law, the tribunal of the Canton of Geneva is the exclusive tribunal. Swiss law alone is applicable.

13. Photo credits
Pictures may differ from actual products.

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