Samyang F1224210101 - 85mm F1.8 Fuji X (Black)



85mm F1.8 Fuji X (Black)
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Samyang 85mm F1.8 ED UMC CS, Fujifilm X

Samyang MF 85mm f/1.8 ED UMC CS is the perfect lens for those who love to take portraits or other kind of pictures with short depth of field, but feel less enthusiastic about carrying heavy photo gear.

This manually-focused lens is designed specifically for mirrorless system cameras with APS-C sensor, and therefore has a compact design and low weight that makes it easy to use even on really small camera models.

Smooth focusing Samyang MF 85mm f/1.8 ED UMC CS is equipped with a wide and grip-friendly focus ring that has a very smooth and precise action. The close focus limit is 65 cm, which means that the lens in addition to portraits also works great for capturing details and food images. Thanks to a so-called floating lens design, it also maintains exceptional sharpness at all focus distances.

The optical design consists of 9 elements divided into 7 groups. In order to provide the best possible sharpness and resolution even at full aperture and minimizing flaws like chromatic aberration, both a high-refractive (HR) lens and an ED lens are included.

Samyang’s advanced Ultra Multi Coating (UMC) counteracts reflexes and ghosting, resulting in images with good contrast and natural color reproduction in all lighting conditions. A nine blade aperture also helps to provide a very soft and creamy bokeh (rendering of image parts that are out-of focus). Something highly appreciated by all portrait photographers!


- Fast 85mm lens for mirrorless cameras with APS-C/MFT sensor

- Manual focusing with a wide, grip-friendly and precise focus ring

- Soft and beautiful bokeh

- High sharpness and resolution

- Compact (only 8 cm in length) and lightweight (344 grams)

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