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The M 149 Switchable Tube Microphone from Neumann is a variable dual-diaphragm microphone....
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The M 149 Switchable Tube Microphone from Neumann is a variable dual-diaphragm microphone. The K 49 capsule, well known from the legendary U 47 and M 49 microphones, is followed by a tube functioning as an impedance converter. In contrast to earlier concepts utilizing a transformer, the tube is complemented with a transformerless output circuit design. The M 149 Tube can thus feed long microphone cables without any coloration.

Two slide switches are located below the large, acoustically open headgrille. The switch at the front allows selection one of nine directional patterns. The slide switch at the rear operates a seven-step high pass filter, allowing very fine adjustment of the cut-off frequency.

Transformerless Tube Output Circuitry

Transformerless output circuit, triode tube and integrated amplifier provide a signal output stage featuring very low self-noise and distortion. The final output stage is an integrated amplifier that provides a very high output signal and the frequency response curve is unaffected by high, transient signal levels resulting in warm, transparent signal reproduction.

Exceptional Signal Reproduction

Utilizing the legendary K 49 capsule - well known from the legendary U 47 and M 49 microphones - as well as a modern tube and high quality amplifier output stage, the M 149 Tube delivers exceptional signal character and response. A frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz and SPL rating of 136 dB < 5% THD result in pristine audio reproduction at various dynamic range.

9 Selectable Polar Patterns

Omnidirectional, wide angle cardioid, cardioid, hypercardioid and figure 8 polar patterns are provided. Intermediate positions of each are located in between the pattern designations.

Low Frequency Roll-Off Switch

A 7-position low frequency roll-off switch is located at the rear of the microphone. It selects a high-pass filter, advancing in half-octave steps between 20 Hz and 160 Hz (-3 dB)

Shock Mounted Capsule

The capsule is mounted elastically inside the head to minimize structure borne noise.

EA 170 Shock-Mount

The elastic EA 170 microphone shock-mount is included and even further minimizes noise caused by handling.


Operating PrinciplePressure Gradient
Polar PatternCardioid, Figure-8, Hypercardioid, Omnidirectional, Wide-Angle Cardioid
Pattern SelectionSwitched
Frequency Range20 Hz to 20 kHz
Signal to Noise Ratio66 dB CCIR
69 dB CCIR
71 dB CCIR
78 dB A-Weighted
81 dB A-Weighted
83 dB A-Weighted
Equivalent Noise Level28 dB CCIR
25 dB CCIR
23 dB CCIR
16 dB A-Weighted
13 dB A-Weighted
11 dB A-Weighted
Maximum SPL120 dB SPL
136 dB SPL
Impedance50 Ohms
Load Impedance1000 Ohms
Sensitivity34 mV/Pa at 1 kHz into 1 kOhms
47 mV/Pa at 1 kHz into 1 kOhms
62 mV/Pa at 1 kHz into 1 kOhms
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