Panasonic AG-BS300E - Base Station



Base unit AG-BS300E: Operating in 12V CC or 240V CA, Connexions: 2 outputs HD/SD SDI, video...
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The AG-BS300 is part of a Camera Studio System.
The AG-BS300 base station connects with the AG-CA300G camera adapter with two BNC cables allowing transmission of HD digital images, return images, tally signals, mic signals and genlock signals.
The base station also comes with a power cable that runs along the BNC cables to supply remote power to the camcorders. The AG-BS300 features two HD/SD SDI outputs and a composite video output.
Cables for the base station are available in two lengths: 100M and 50M.
Users can remotely shade or paint the camcorder from the control room.

Supported Camera Recorders

P2 HD: 
•AG-HPX500 series


•Digital signal transmission ensures high-quality, degradation-free images.
•The base station and camera adaptor can be separated up to a distance of 328' (100 meters).
•Connection with two BNC cables allows transmission of HD digital images, return images, tally signals, mic signals, and genlock signals.
•Connection of the AG-EC4G Extension Control Unit or AJ-RC10G Remote Control Unit*1 enables camera-recorder control.
•Up to 70 watts of power can be supplied to the camera-recorder*2, and a compact monitor and servo zoom can also be driven.
•AG-BS300: Supports both AC (100 to 240 V) and DC (12V) power supplies. Includes two SDI (HD/SD) outputs and a composite video output.

*1: The AJ-RC10G can control only the functions that are supported by the camera-recorder. It cannot operate unsupported switches or dials.

*2: Power can be supplied only when the AG-BS300 Base Station is driven by an AC power source. A separate power cord is also required between the AG-BS300 Base Station and the AG-CA300G Camera Adaptor. Other manufacture's power cords which Panasonic verified are recommended to use.

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