Newtek 3PLAY 425CS - 3PLAY 425CS Controller



Controller for 3PLAY 425 with T-Bar for Dynamic speed playback control and jogwheel.
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NewTek 3Play™ 425 is a four-input, two-output, slow motion system that supports the simultaneous display, recording, and instant replay of up to four video sources. 3Play 425 compact, turnkey solution provides in-game highlights authoring on the fly, to producers looking for a serious, professional replay system.

- The compact 2U rack mount system can be connected to any switcher providing additional capabilities for any existing production infrastructure.
- Interpolated slow-motion and multi-angle switching during live playback.
- Instant, in-game creation of playlists and highlight reels with transitions and soundtracks. Includes over-the-network integration with NewTek TriCaster™ and appears as a network input to the TriCaster, providing a complete integrated solution for live sports production. Independent audio routing for every input, native HD resolution up to 1080p, quick and easy import and export of media.
- Record up to 30 hours HD for immediate replay, integrated multi-view monitoring with Heads Up Display (HUD),
- The system includes an intuitive control surface, giving replay operators hands-on control of every input.

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