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LPL adapter

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Kinefinity LPL adapter

Newly designed LPL Mounting Adapter fits MAVO LF, MAVO and TERRA 4K with KineMOUNT. For example, it supports most LPL large format lenses on MAVO LF, like Signature Prime lenses of ARRI. Large format system can benefit a lot from LPL Mounting Adapter, which is possible to become the mainstream in future film industry, like PL mount system.

The LPL mount was launched with the full frame Alexa LF of ARRI released in 2018 Feb. And the new mounting system is becoming new mount standard for lenses(Large Positive Lock): stable and easy to use like PL mount. The new LPL Mounting Adapter has the following advantages:

- Simple but reliable connection: the new mounting adapter matches KineMOUNT perfectly without any cord;

- Shorter flange focal distance: the diameter is 62mm and flange distance is 44mm, which is optimized the full frame lenses, with wider aperture at the same time;

- Lightweight: specially designed for MAVO/TERRA, it weighs only 200g, but still reliable and robust.

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