Canon 1714C003 - CN-E18-80mm T4.4-L-IS-KAS-S




A revolution in video production. The large-format Canon CN-E18-80mm T4.4 L IS KAS S brings high-end quality cine-servo features like super-smooth servo zoom and focus at an affordable price point.

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The Canon CN-E 18-80mm T4.4 COMPACT-SERVO Lens combines the functionality of Canon's EF lenses with the features and performance of their CN-E lineup. Designed for use with EF-mount cameras featuring Super 35 or APS-C sized sensors, the lens covers an incredibly useful 18 to 80mm focal range while maintaining a constant T-stop of T4.4 (f/4) throughout. Measuring 7.2" long and weighing only 2.65 lb, the lens presents itself as a compact, lightweight option suitable for a variety of productions, from narrative work to run-and-gun documentaries. Notably, the lens is Canon's first cine-style option to incorporate image stabilization and auto focus functionality when paired with Cinema EOS cameras.

Further enhancing the versatility of this lens, Canon has equipped it with a servo drive unit compatible with industry-standard lens controllers, including Canon's broadcast ZSD-300D and FPD-400D, for full zoom, focus, and iris control. Alternatively, you can outfit the lens with the optional ZSG-C10 Control Grip for ENG-style lens control and operation. Power is provided to the grip from compatible cameras via the EF mount. For non-servo zoom control, the lens features cine-standard 0.8 mod gears, as well as a rubberized grip on the focus ring enabling comfortable manual operation.

Lens Design

- Covers Super 35 / APS-C formats

- 18 to 80mm focal range (4.4x zoom ratio)

- Constant T4.4 (f/4) aperture

- Parfocal design to maintain focus during zoom

- Minimized focus breathing

- Cine-standard 0.8 MOD focus gear ring

- 0.5 MOD iris and zoom gear rings

- Focus ring rotates 180°

- Matching color characteristics to existing CN-E lenses

- 9-blade iris

- Iris closing

- Compact and lightweight design

Servo Control

- Servo Control Capability for all zoom, focus and iris

- Power provided via camera mount (from compatible cameras)

- Compatible with broadcast-style servo lens controllers, such as Canon ZSD-300D and FPD-400D

- Optional ZSG-C10 Grip for ENG-style control and shoulder mount applications

Functionality with Cinema EOS Cameras

- Auto focus function (Continuous AF, One-Shot AF, Focus Guide)

- Image Stabilization

- Remote control of zoom, focus and iris via camera

- REC start/stop from ZSG-C10 Grip

- Peripheral illumination correction

- Chromatic aberration correction

- Lens metadata record

- T-stop/F-stop number display select

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