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The Video 90 FB features direct-response horizontal and vertical brakes with a 7+7 damping...
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Sachtler Video 90 FB

Professional camera operators choose the Video 90 for OB and studio applications for good reasons. Lightweight, but able to support loads up to 254 pounds, due to it's ergonomic, robust, squeeze-proof design, which ensures safe operation in any position.

Also features a high-performance, jerk-free damping system with Seven Levels of Drag allowing the use of long focal lengths in OB applications, Vibration-Free Vertical and Horizontal Brakes, guaranteeing exceptionally smooth operation. And if you need to change equipment frequently, the Video 90 FB comes with the QuickFix mount allowing you to mount quickly, to save time.

Frictionless leak proof fluid damping with Seven Levels of Drag

A prerequisite for perfect pictures is a panning movement without jerks and vibrations. Sachtler's patented damping system takes everything is stride. The individual modules are frictionless and contain no hydraulic oil. This means they are permanently leak proof. The damping action of heads is identical across both horizontal and vertical planes and offers you seven steps of drag, for smooth camerawork under the toughest of rough conditions. You can completely disengage the drag for fast panning without affecting the dynamic counterbalance system.

Sliding Balance Plate

The sliding camera mount and plate with a 7.1-inch sliding range, allows you to compensates precisely for a variety of configuration weights. Ensuring perfect balance across the horizontal plane. Most importantly, once adjusted, the settings cannot be lost. Also features two built-in threaded holes for the teleprompter tubes, a standard feature of the Video 90 FB sliding plate, allows you to place the teleprompter right next to the rotating axis.

24 Step dynamic counterbalancing system plus fine tuning

Built with torsion springs the dynamic counterbalancing system compensates for torques as the camera tilts, preventing the camera from inadvertently tipping, and ensuring that it is positioned securely at any tilt angle. Freeing you to concentrate fully on your camerawork. Its 24-step counterbalance with fine tuning adjustments allows a variety of equipment to be used, and can be activated and deactivated individually. Independent from the damping system, they work silently and without the need for maintenance.

Vibration-Free Vertical and Horizontal Brakes

The Video 90 FB features direct-response horizontal and vertical brakes. Mounted on the back of the head, they are absolutely vibration-free, thus guaranteeing exceptionally smooth operation.

QuickFix Mount

The Sachtler Quickfix lets you mount flat base heads with a single screw. This saves a lot of time, especially if you have to change equipment frequently and quickly, which is all in a normal day's work in OB environments.

Safe at any temperature

Pressure or temperature does not influence the damping system, it has an operating range from -40°F to +140°F, and works without friction. Shoot wherever you want, from torrid heat to cold climates.

- Using teleprompters and you need to add counterweights, no problem, the Video 90 FB supports maximum loads up to 90 kg / 198 lb.

- Built-in bubble for horizontal leveling.





Camera Plate


Camera Plate Features

Sliding Balance Plate, Quick Release

Camera Plate Type

Wedge Plate

Balance Plate Sliding Range

7.1" / 180 mm

Tripod Platform


Base Mount

Sachtler QuickFix Flat Base

Pan & Tilt


Drag Control

Tilt: 7-Step Plus 0

 Pan: 7-Step Plus 0

Vertical Tilt

+60° to -45°

Panning Range


Independent Pan Lock


Independent Tilt Lock




Counter Balance

Incremental 24-Step

Bubble Level


Operating Temperature

-40 to 140°F / -40 to 60°C


31.7 lb / 14.4 kg


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