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The Libec QD-10PD Pedestal System with QH1 Head and P1000 Pedestal provides you with a...
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QH1 / P1000

The Libec QD-10PD Pedestal System with QH1 Head and P1000 Pedestal provides you with a system that supports up to 88 pounds of camera and accessories, suitable for use in studio environments. It uses a Snap On camera plate that allows you to pop the camera plate into the head from the top and slide the plate forward/back to balance your camera on the head.

The P1000 pedestal features a pneumatic column with a 150mm flat base and rolling dolly wheels. The dolly wheels feature a tracking locking mechanism to keep the dolly moving in a straight line. The removable cable guards prevent the pedestal from rolling over cables as you move the pedestal around the studio. The pedestal supports up to 132 pounds, which means it can easily handle the QH1 head and compatible camera without approaching the pedestal's weight limit.

Libec QH1 Fluid Head

The Libec QH1 Fluid Head is a pedestal-capable heavy-duty head supporting up to 88 lb.

Key Features

- Pedestal-capable heavy-duty fluid head with 88 lb payload

- Side-mount camera plate system

- 3" sliding camera plate with dual 3/8"-16 threaded mounting screws

- Two 2-piece telescoping pan bars

- Continuous counterbalance

- 7-step drag

- Independent pan and tilt locks

- 90 to -70° tilt

- Illuminated bubble level

- Aluminum construction

Libec P1000 150mm Flat Base Pedestal System

The Libec P1000 150mm Flat Base Pedestal System is a 2-stage pneumatic column pedestal system that supports up to 132 pounds (including fluid head) and features 31.9" of height adjustment, a steering ring, 150mm flat base for mounting either a Libec QH1 or QH3 fluid head, and a rolling dolly with removable cable guards.

The P1000 is equipped with a tracking locking mechanism that ensures straight-line movement by locking the caster direction as you move from position to position.The cable guards ride low over the wheels to prevent you from accidently rolling over cables when shifting positions on the studio floor. The cable guards can be raised up when needed to allow the dolly to roll over uneven surfaces.

- The P1000 Pedestal can support 132 pounds of equipment

- Adjust the air pressure in the upper column to match the weight of the attached equipment; Libec refers to this as balancing the upper column, and it allows for easy height adjustment

- Generally, with 0.25MPa (2.5 bar / 36.3 psi) of air pressure, the pedestal can balance 22 pounds of weight





QH1 Fluid Head


Camera Plate


Camera Plate Features

Sliding Balance Plate

Camera Mounting Screw

2 x 3/8"-16 Male

Balance Plate Sliding Range

2.95" / 75 mm

Tripod Platform


Base Mount

4-Bolt Flat Base

Pan & Tilt


Drag Control


Vertical Tilt

+90° to -70°

Independent Pan Lock


Independent Tilt Lock






Load Capacity

88 lb / 39.92 kg

Counter Balance

Continuous (33 to 77 lb / 14.97 to 34.93 kg)

Center of Gravity

4.92" / 125 mm

Bubble Level

1 x Illuminated

Operating Temperature

-4 to 140°F / -20 to 60°C


27.9 lb / 12.66 kg

P1000 150mm Flat Base Pedestal System



Load Capacity

132.28 lb / 60 kg

Head Fitting

150mm Flat Base with 4 x Mounting Holes

Steering Ring Diameter

19.69" / 50 cm

Maximum Operating Air Pressure

0.93MPa (9.3 bar / 134.9 psi)

Relief Valve Pressure

0.99MPa (9.9 bar / 143.6 psi)

Minimum Height

26.77" / 68 cm

Maximum Height

58.66" / 149 cm


57.98 lb / 26.3 kg

Center Column




Stroke Range

Upper: 16.34" / 41.5 cm

 Lower: 15.55" / 39.5 cm



Leg Radius

4.92" / 12.50 cm

Wheel Diameter

4.92" / 12.50 cm

Wheel Lock

Foot Pressure Lever-Type

Cable Guards



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