Fohhn FreeStand XI - Aluminium stand column, 225 cm, black



Aluminium stand column, 225 cm length, for use with Linea Focus systems, black

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Fohhn Aluminium stand column, 225 cm, black

Free Stand designer stands are ideal for churches, museums, castles, conference rooms, hotels and many other venues where the installation of speakers on walls or ceilings is not possible and great importance is attached to a harmonious, discreet design. 
Whether for fixed installation or mobile use, Fohhn's Free Stand designer loudspeaker stands ensure that Linea Focus systems integrate perfectly into any room architecture. Speaker cables can be concealed within the stand itself. The base has a series of connection sockets, which are covered. This allows the cabling to remain “invisible”.


- Perfect integration into any room architecture

- Elegant, unobtrusive design

- Sturdy, safe support for Linea Focus speakers

- Quick assembly

- Excellent workmanship “Made in Germany”

- Available in the same RAL colours as loudspeakers

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