With Lamp: MSD PLATINUM 16R 330W (16,000 Lumens) *Power supply: Electronic ballast: 90-260 V...
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Moving Head Projectors 

No need to stock a whole range of lights: MAX does it all.
MAX features a unique optical group that for the first time enables 4 different types of projection with a single moving head: Beam, Spot, Wash, and Studio. There’s no doubt, MAX is the most complete moving head on the market, addressing the whole spectrum of top-level applications.
MAX long excursion motorized zoom allows any application from long-throw projections to large wall washes.
Beam projection (1,5° - 2°)
BEAM projection combines extremely high light efficiency (100.000 Lux / 5 m) with a very narrow beam angle (1,5°). That’s why MAX is able to project a tight very concentrated beam of light over long distances. A variety of gobos for unique ‘air’ effects is available.
Spot projection (2° - 37°)
The SPOT projection offers a versatile and creative combination of sharp overlapping gobo projections, plus animation wheel and eye-catching dynamic effects. MAX delivers striking razor-sharp projections with gobos perfectly focused at any distance.
Wash projection (10° - 60°)
MAX projects an intense wash of light, capable of illuminating backdrops, objects and large surfaces with a limitless variety of colours. An insertable frost filter guarantees an even more uniformly diffused projection.
Studio projection (4° - 40°)
STUDIO mode lets you use MAX as a dedicated “theatre” or ''TV Studio'' fixture; in fact, MAX ensures perfectly uniform projection - with white or any colour - featuring evenly diffused luminosity at every point of the light beam, with the same lux level in the centre and at the edges of the beam. 
The perfect dedicated solution for the most demanding theatrical or TV studios applications.

MAX provides an endless variety of eye-catching projections.

Create any colour with sophisticated colour generation including CMY synthesis + linear CTO conversion filter + 17-colour wheel. Sculpt any projection by overlapping gobo wheel 1 + gobo wheel 2 + animation wheel + linear iris + rotating prism.

The perfect moving head for rental companies.

Save time: weighing so little, MAX is quick and easy to install, the perfect choice for rental companies.
Save space: MAX is extremely compact, so it’s very easy to transport and store.
Take it easy: MAX has been designed with ergonomics in mind; from its carefully balanced distribution of weights for easy handling, installation and rigging.

Unmatched creative pan and tilt control - FPR (patented).

MAX is available in 2 versions:
with or without the ‘FPR’ system.
The ‘FPR’ (D.T.S. patent) allows
limitless pan rotation, in either direction
never having to reverse motion.

Tri-phase stepper motors

New Tri-phase stepper motor technology allows ultra-fast silent Pan & Tilt movement. MAX employs redundant 1,5A tri-phase stepper motors suitable for the most demanding tasks, which ensure instantaneous acceleration and minimal inertia times, together with great positioning accuracy and proven robustness.


MSD Platinum 16R 330W (16.000 Lumens)
Colour temperature: 8.000°K typ.
Type of connection: PINS 2,8 x 0,8mm
Remote lamp On-Off
Average lamp life: 1.500 hrs

Optical group

Improved optical group made with 11 coated lenses + dichroic glass reflector
100.000 Lux at 5 m
16-bit motorized wide-excursion linear zoom

Beam opening:

1,5° - 2° (Beam projection)
2° - 37° (Spot projection)
10° - 60° (Wash projection)
4° - 40° (Studio projection)
16-bit motorized linear focus
Motorized Iris
Linear dimmer / shutter / strobe (0,85 flash/sec to 10 flash/sec)
Frost filter

Colour generation

Linear CMY
Linear CTO
Colour wheel (17 colours + white) with linear selection for perfect 2-colour beams

Dynamic effects

Overlapping wheels for multiple effects:
Customizable rotating gobo wheel (9 gobos)
Customizable fixed gobo wheel (10 gobos)
Animation Wheel
4-facet rotating prism

Interface / Control / Programming

LCD graphic display + 4 soft-keys (control / management / monitoring of the main parameters)
ARTNET available on request
Wireless ready
Updatable internal operating system


33 DMX channels

Pan & Tilt

Pan 540°: 2.5 sec.; Tilt 270°: 1.5 sec.
MAX FPR version:
‘FPR’ system (D.T.S. patent)
Pan: limitless rotation, in both directions; 360° rotation in 1.56 sec.; Tilt 270°: 1.5 sec.

Tri-phase stepper motor technology

for ultra-fast silent movements
16-bit resolution
Selectable speed ranges
Pan / Tilt lock

Power supply

Electronic ballast: 90-260 V  50 / 60 Hz
Power consumption: 450 W with PFC
Power saving mode (the lamp dims to 80% after shutter closure)


DMX: 4 XLR connectors (3-pole In and Out; 5-pole In and Out) by Neutrik;
Power supply: POWERCON IN and OUT (re-launch) connectors by Neutrik


20 Kg

Internal safety devices

Overvoltage circuit protection and overtemperature circuit protection

International certifications

Safety: EN 60598-1: 1993
EN 60598-2-17: 1989
A1-A3: 1993
EMC: EN 55015

Included items:

1 x POWERCON male cable connector (cod. 0520P014)
1 x XLR 5 Pins male cable connector (cod. 0508B028)
1 x XLR 5 Pins female cable connector (cod. 0508B027)
2 x Omega bracket (cod. 02K00549)

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