Sennheiser MKH-8050 - Compact shotgun microphone



Compact shotgun microphone. Provides great sound to feature films, documentaries, outdoor...
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Thanks to its super-cardioid pick-up pattern the MKH 8050 offers an even higher attenuation of off-axis sound, than its sister model MKH 8040. 

Thus, it is a perfect choice for recording soloists, and when absolute acoustical separation is demanded. 

Its balanced frequency response throughout the whole pick-up pattern ensured that large instruments like the grand piano but also orchestras sound musically flawless and free of distortion. 

The Nextel® coating of the MKH 8050 prevents reflections, giving you the freedom to position the microphone according to acoustic criteria alone.

-Super-cardioid pick-up pattern
-Modular Design
-Wide frequency response: 30 – 50,000 Hz
-Extremely low distortion
-Extremely low inherent self-noise
-Balanced frequency response within the pick-up pattern
-Very even directional diagram
-Non-reflective Nextel® coating
-Optimum separation of instruments
-Timbrally identical with the other 8000-series microphones for optimum aural compatibility

Technical data:



Ø 19 mm, L 41 mm (74 mm with XLR module)


Transducer principle (Microphone)

RF condenser microphone


Frequency response

30 - 50000 Hz



25 g (55 g with XLR module)


Audio output

XLR-3M balanced, transformerless, floating


Pick-up pattern



Sensitivity in free field, no load (1kHz)

20 mV/Pa (-34 dBV/Pa)


Nominal impedance

25 Ω


Min. terminating impedance

1000 Ω


Phantom powering

48 V +/- 4 V


Equivalent noise level

13 dB


Equivalent noise level weighted as per CCIR 468-3

22 dB


Maximum sound pressure level (passiv)

142 dB SPL


Current consumption

3,3 mA


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