CatDV WS - Workgroup Server



Workgroup Server (no clients included)

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CatDV Workgroup Server uses a powerful client-server architecture and a central shared database, allowing media catalogs to be searched and updated by multiple users concurrently.

How it works

- The CatDV Workgroup Server is a separate server program that ‘clients’ (the CatDV Professional Edition application) connect to via a local area network

- Clip metadata and thumbnails are stored in a central SQL database

- No need to change your file organisation and workflow – media files are stored on your network or digitized from tape when required as you would previously, but CatDV helps you locate them quickly and effortlessly

Our entry level server product, the CatDV Workgroup Server is ideal for teams with up to 5 users.

CatDV Workgroup Server is available for most common server platforms including Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

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