Sachtler SN606 - Sachtler Bags Rain Poncho



Ultimate weather protection. Sized to comfortably cover the user carrying mixer and fully...
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Sachtler Bags Rain Poncho

When weather gets tough, the Sachtler Rain Poncho will help protect you, your field mixer, and a fully loaded Eargonizer bag from the elements. The poncho is constructed from 420-denier black ripstop nylon and is laminated with a thin thermoplastic polyurethane TPU coating to provide greater elasticity and help prevent water from seeping through. An added benefit is that the lightweight fabric helps keep you cool and comfortable while on the job.

The back of the poncho features a tile-style opening that allows fresh air to flow inside and helps prevent your equipment from overheating. The front section includes a transparent TPU window to provide visibility when monitoring your gear. To access the equipment, slotted pass-through hand openings on either side are marked with white bindings to facilitate quicker and easier access to controls. The long roomy sleeves enable freedom of motion while operating a boom pole or other gear while still keeping the equipment bag safe and dry. The entire poncho fits into a handy drawstring net mesh pouch for easy storage and transportation.

- Material of Construction: 420-Denier Black Ripstock Nylon

                                          Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU Coating)

- Weight: 1.1 lb (500 g)

Tile-Style Back Openings

- Allows fresh air to flow inside to prevent over-heating

Slotted Pass-Through Hand Openings

- Facilitates quicker and easier access to equipment controls

Long Roomy Sleeves

- Provide freedom of motion to hold boom pole or other gear at arm's length

Drawstring Net Mesh Pouch

- Provides easy storage and transportation of poncho

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