Chrosziel P-TP7 - Lens Testing Projector



Lens Testing Projector for lenses with diam. up to 60mm (ARRI XPL,Hawk, Panavision etc.) ,...
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Chrosziel Lens Testing Projector

With the Lens Test Projector P-TP7 Chrosziel launches the successor of its successful Lens Test Projector P-TP6. Parts of the development were realised by the cooperation with ARRI. The result is a projector that was built with highest precision below 5μm plane parallelism between mount and reticle. Also, the engineers focused on a user-friendly and multi-functional projector built to last.

60 mm LED Image Circle

The LED light source evenly illuminates a large 60 mm image circle for simulating large camera sensors beyond full frame, like ARRI Alexa LF, ARRI Alexa 65, RED Monstro, SONY Venice, and further developments.

LED Light Engine with CPC technology

Eliminating the light fall-off on the edge of traditional lenses the P-TP7 uses a Compound Parabolic Concentrator (CPC) instead of standard lens units. This sophisticated light engine guarantees illumination uniformity.

Glass and Filter Inserts

The 3x3” glass insert between lens mount and reticle accounts for the effects of optical low pass filters or sensor cover glasses (up to 5 mm thickness) in cameras. The 3x3” filter insert between light engine and reticle simulates specific color spectrums and temperatures with standard 3x3” filters (up to 4.6 mm thickness).

Lens Data Read-out

Two multiport connectors on both sides of the projector give full access to the lens, sockets, accessories, and projector.

Electronic Mounts and Sockets

The electronic lens mounts and the lens data socket provide electrical power to the lens and enable read-out, controlling and programming of lens encoder positions (like /i-Data and LDS meta data). The lens port socket powers ENG / broadcast lenses and examines VTR, Return, and Follow Voltages.

Modularly Built System

The P-TP7 offers the traditional way of manual back focus via a knob with friction clutch protection. Calibration and read-out of back-focus is done via an analog or digital gauge. The back-focus is adjusted by a cable bound control or the dedicated Chrosziel MagNum wireless Focus, Iris, Zoom (FIZ) Lens Control System (LCS).


- Glass & Filter Insert

- 60mm LED Image Circle

- Multiport for Lens Data & Control

- Access to Centering Screws of Zooms

- Laser Rangefinder

- Manual & Remote Back Focus

- Interchangeable large universal mount






398 x 159 x 272mm


approx. 17kg


115/230V AC

Image Circle

2.36'' (60mm)

Light Source

LED 5000 K

Flange depth / back focus

+0.05'' to -0.15'' (-1,3mm to -3,7mm)

Filter insert (max.)

3'' x 3'' x 0.18'' (76,2 x 76,2 x 4,6 mm)

Glass insert (max.)

3'' x 3'' x 0.28 '' (76,2 x 76,2 x 7mm)

Ports and connectors

1x XLR 3-Pin working light dimmable

1x LEMO 1B 10-Pin remote socket

2x Preci-Dip 20-Pin Multiport

1x IEC-C14 power socket

1x HIROSE 12-Pin lens port socket

1x LEMO 0B lenbs data socket

Power consumption

approx. 180W

Ambient temperature

10C to 27C


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