Newtek TRMSMINISDICS - TriCaster Mini SDI Advanced + CS Bundle



TriCaster Mini HD-SDI + Mini CS + NewTek custom Travel Case. Optional Localized backlit...
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Make your ordinary presentations, extraordinary

TriCaster Mini

From the office, an event, or from anywhere... with TriCaster Mini, anyone using everyday camcorders can create and publish great video content in minutes, stream it live, and make even the smallest presentation captivate audiences like network-style TV.

Top Features

You don’t have to be a video expert, own a studio, lug any complicated equipment around, or use expensive professional cameras to make great content quickly and stream it live in minutes. Just look at everything you can do with everyday camcorders and a TriCaster Mini.

- Create your own great multimedia content

- Fast, straightforward, and easy to set up

- All-in-one studio-style system

- Most-complete creative toolset available

- Sized to make and stream content from anywhere

- No need for professional crews or expensive equipment

Nowhere else will you find another solution that includes a complete suite of tools for creativity, control, and content publishing in one solution. Just plug in some cameras, a mouse and a keyboard, and you can turn the smallest productions into engaging video content and stream it live in minutes, in the office or on the go.

- Go-anywhere size & shape

- Easy A/V connections for simple setup

- Capture live video

- Mix different visual sources

- Overlay graphics, charts, titles, animations

- Add a presentation

- Key out solid backgrounds and simulate a set

- Webcast programs on a live video stream

- Have guest speakers call in from their webcams

- Record everything so people can watch it on-demand

How It Works

No matter how simple or sophisticated your vision—or your skill level—TriCaster Mini’s complete creative toolset allows you to work with the media content you want, mix it into a production you design, and deliver it to the audiences you serve.

- Use up to four HDMI camcorders for live, on-camera action

- Plug in a microphone, or a small audio mixer if you want multiple mics

- Include your own video clips, graphics, music and sound files

- Capture a computer screen, video call, or files from an AirPlay device

- Mix your files and sources in real-time with the TriCaster Mini software

- Output live video to display, projection, live stream, social media

- Save the final production to disk for later viewing

- Record all the camera feeds so you can edit the program later

Key points:

- The new Mini SDI no longer comes with a side screen. This results in better heat control and optimized hardware for performance and reliability gains.

- Now comes with Quad output nVidia Quadro P1000 1GB card for more powerful real time advanced processing including full use of CUDA for increased quality, hardware assisted encoding, decoding and streaming.

- 4 Mini DisplayPorts - One for user interface and three for multi-viewers that run in full screen production quality. Comes with 4 mini Display Port adapters.

- New Dual 1Gb Ethernet for increased IP connectivity, and load balancing of across multiple connections. Sharing and load balancing of bandwidth across multiple connections using NDI version 4 doubles the amount of NDI traffic providing more powerful media connectivity and expansion.

- Internal 1 TB SSD EVO m.2 storage for faster boot and load times, increased recording capabilities and higher reliability in portable environments.

- Upgraded CPU : Intel core I7-8700

- New portable storage USB 3.1 and USB-C ports for more concurrent recording capability.

- New 180 watts power supply that makes the hardware quieter during operation.

- Comes with Windows 10 for increased performance and security.

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