For-A HVS-2000 - 3G/HD/SD 2M/E Video Switcher, Main unit Only



The new HVS-2000 engine is a powerful 6 video M/E machine and a game changer in today's...
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For-A 3G/HD/SD 2M/E Video Switcher, Main unit Only

Win the video production race with the 24-input and 18-output HVS-2000 3G/HD/SD Two-M/E Video Switcher from For.A. Besides having two full mixed effects, each with its own four keyers, the HVS-2000 is equipped with a four-FLEXaKEY system for adding extra keyers to the mixed effects and to the AUX bus system. The AUX bus system can do cuts, mixes, wipes, and keys, all with preview via four MELite buses.

The HVS-2000 allows for easy control of multi-screen staging with independent transitions, keys, and graphics on each display. A special mode called ONStage allows grouping multiple mix effects, which can then be controlled with one fader lever. Therefore, with one pull you can transition multiple monitors with different information. Up to 900 frames of images can be stored in a hard drive, and more can be brought into the system via a USB flash drive. Also, your configuration of the switcher can be stored in a USB flash drive so you can instantly restore your settings at any time.

- Two M/E plus four MELite with FLEXaKEY architecture for six-M/E capability.

- Expandable to three M/E plus four MELite with FLEXaKEY.

- 24 inputs and 18 outputs including 2 HDMI.

- Expandable to up to 48 inputs and 18 outputs, or 40 inputs and 22 outputs.

- Six I/O expansion slots for installing HVS-100 series cards (available separately).

- PGM, PVW, and two Clean outputs per full M/E.

- Supports 4K input in 2SI format via separately available software.

- Multi-format HD/SD/HDMI/analog/VGA via expansion cards (available separately).

- 3G/4K-ready via optional software.

- Four keyers per M/E, and four FLEXaKEYs (assignable to M/E or AUX).

- Up to six keyers can be assigned to M/E 1, up to eight to M/E 2, and up to four to AUX.

- Eight 2.5D DVEs.

- Four 3D DVEs for use in 4K video processing via expansion card (available separately).

- 18 auxiliary buses (2 HDMI, 12 SDI, 8 AUX transition, 6 MELite function).

- HVS-2000GUI intuitive GUI software included for easy configuration.

- Control panel with LED, RGB, user-configurable color buttons, and 7" touch mini menu GUI.

- Two-channel multiviewer, expandable to four channels and 64 windows via expansion card (available separately).

- All inputs have FS with still image store and capture.

- Four dedicated still/clip stores installed with 900 frames at 1080 resolution, approx. 30 seconds at 1080i (expansion cards available separately).

- All full M/E keyers have chroma keys, and support two additional channels of advanced chroma keys (expansion card available separately).

- Easy operation with Midas Touch master setup and configuration GUI.

- ONStage mode for stage and multi-screen applications.

- Color corrector input, output, and bus lines via expansion cards (available separately).

Easy-to-Use Control Panel

The HVS-2000's control panel incorporates color-coded button lights for specific material or button functions, a built-in 7" mini menu touch panel with thumbnail display, and a button/macro bus macro name display. It enables direct input via a three-axis (XYZ) joystick, dials, and a keyboard. Several user-customizable buttons are available to assign as functions.

Four Keyers per M/E and Four FLEXaKEY per System

The four-FLEXaKEY system can be freely assigned to M/E 1, M/E 2, or MELite (AUX output). When assigned to M/E 2, up to eight keyers (four keys and four FLEXaKEYs) can be combined. DVE is available for FLEXaKEY to generate multiple PiPs. FLEXaKEY can also be assigned to an MELite bus and Advanced AUX as an upstream keyer, and to multiple AUX buses to change each with keying output.

Six-M/E Performance with FLEXaKEY Architecture

In addition to two full M/Es (expandable to three), the switcher includes MELite. With cuts, mixing, wiping, and keying—all with preview available from four MELite buses, the HVS-2000 delivers six-M/E performance in a single unit. Versatile in re-entry, MELite is ready for a broad range of scenarios, such as providing an independent "web cut" output, expanding an operation with multiple control surfaces, delegating M/E resources, and even allowing a single operator to easily control independent transitions on multiple monitors from a single desk. The HVS-2000 is well suited to staging applications.

24 Inputs / 18 Outputs, Expandable to 48/18 or 40/22

In addition to the 24/18 standard inputs and outputs, the HVS-2000 has six expansion slots that enable you to add optional I/O cards for in-field expansion. Easily incorporate an array of content from PC sources (such as PowerPoint, videos played on computers, webcam images, or Skype calling screens) and combine it with broadcast material. Even analog composite I/O can be added.


The HVS-2000 offers eight 2.5D DVEs per system, enabling free arrangement of PiPs in a 3D space using global axes. Flying key, which moves titles with DVEs applied, is available from all DVEs and can be assigned to all resources in any M/E, whether PGM, PST, or KEY 1 to 4. PiPs are available in a variety of shapes besides standard shapes. Four 3D DVEs can be added via an expansion card (available separately) for use in 4K video processing. The 3D DVEs include page turn and other warping effects.

Expanded 4K Mode via Optional Software

4K systems can be used with no need to configure I/O settings. Four 3G-SDI lines (I/O or bus) are automatically grouped. Expanded system settings enable output of down-resized video or DVE from built-in multiviewers.

Key Features


Quad FLEXaKEY allows you to place keyers in practical areas of the switcher:

- Add keys to traditional M/E resources to provide more graphic layers

- Add keys to AUX and multiply additional M/Es (MELite)

- Expand and multiply AUX bus transitions


MELite allows a traditional AUX bus to transform into a fully functional M/E with cuts, mixes, wipes, and keys, all with preview. MELite can be assigned upstream or downstream. Also, MELite allows operators to configure a three-M/E switcher with a three-row control surface that provides independent output with transitions to display sources on back monitors in the studio.


ONStage is a switcher mode designed for staging events where multiple image magnification displays are used, each with independent transitions. It allows operators to see mix, wipe, key, and DVE changes with full preview control connected directly to the fader controller transition area.


P-MEM is capable of saving and recalling full switcher setups or series of operations on M/E, MELite, and AUX. P-MEM can be used with macro functions, and a complex series of operations can be performed with the push of one button.

Midas Touch

This menu system allows operators to easily configure and change system parameters. It offers full system control via the built-in 7" touch panel (MiniMenu) with thumbnail display or an external monitor.




Video Formats

1080i 59.94/50

1080PsF 29.97/25/24/23.98

720p 59.94/50

525 59.94 (NTSC)

625 50 (PAL)

Optional: 1080p 59.94/50 (Level-A)

Video Inputs

24 x BNC, 75 Ohms (HD-SDI: 1.5 Gb/s; SD-SDI: 270 Mb/s)

Expandable to up to 48 x SDI with 6 x HVS-100DI-A cards (available separately)

Video Outputs

16 x BNC, 75 Ohms (HD-SDI: 1.5 Gb/s; SD-SDI: 270 Mb/s)

2 x HDMI

Expandable to up to 20 x SDI and 2 x HDMI (via separately available expansion cards)

Signal Processing

4:2:2:4, digital component


HD/SD-SDI: 10-bit


Wipe: 100 patterns (modification capability included)

2.5D DVE: 30 patterns or more DVE WIPEs (modification capability included)


Fader controller, Auto, or Cut button

Type: Mix or Wipe (DVE included)

Still Store

4 x Channels with 900 frames at 1080 resolution, approx. 30 sec at 1080i

Expandable to up to six channels with 1800 frames at 1080 resolution, approx. 1 minute at 1080i (expansion cards available separately)


2 x Channels, expandable to four channels (64 windows) via expansion cards (available separately)

2/4/5/7/9/10/11/13/16-way split views with title, tally, audio level meter, safety area, and border display

Processing Amplifier

On all inputs/outputs

Color Correction

4 x Channels (two channels per M/E)

Expandable to up to 12 channels via expansion cards (available separately)

Correction Mode: Balance, differential, and sepia

Clip Mode: YPbPr, RGB

Event Memory

100 events (cross-fade transition available when loading events)


100 Macros: 

00 to 89: 30 actions max.

90 to 99: 300 actions max.

Genlock Input

1 x BNC, loop-through, 75 Ohms (to be terminated with 75-Ohm terminator if unused)

BB NTSC: 0.429 Vpp

BB PAL: 0.45 Vpp

Tri-level Sync: 0.6 Vpp

System Phase Adjust

Horizontal: -1/2 H to 1/2 H

Genlock Output

1 x BNC, 75 Ohms

BB NTSC: 0.429 Vpp

BB PAL: 0.45 Vpp

Tri-Level Sync: 0.6 Vpp

I/O Delay

HD: 1 H min.

SD: 1.7 H min.

1 to 2 frames + minimum delay (when FS or resize engine used)

2 to 3 frames + minimum delay (when FS or resize engine plus DVE used)

3 to 4 frames + minimum delay (when FS or resize engine plus output resize engine plus DVE used)


2 x RJ45, LAN 1 100BASE-TX, LAN 2 1000BASE-T

GPI IN: 15-pin D-Sub female for 10 inputs

GPI In / Tally Out: 25-pin D-Sub female for 20 outputs

6 x RS-422, 9-pin D-Sub female, for tally

1 x BNC loop-through, 75 Ohms

Expansion cards with additional interfaces available separately

Operating Temperature

41 to 104°F / 5 to 40°C


30 to 90%, non-condensing

Power Requirements

100 to 240 VAC ±10%, 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption

At 100 to 120 V: 496 W

At 220 to 240 V: 476 W


16.9 x 7.0 x 19.7" / 43.0 x 17.7 x 50.0 cm


39.7 lb / 18 kg



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Moniteur 10 - 32 pouces

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