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Software system for battery management on our chargers (included on our CVS4X and CVS8X...
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The BSCVMON system allows tracking of Blueshape CVS8XW, CVS8X, CVS4X, CVTR2 charging activity with battery fleet data logging for useful performance analysis of the battery during its lifetime and ageing.

By means of a special USB cable, it is possible to monitor 4 independent chargers and up to 32 batteries in real time using a single computer.BSCVMON makes available a host of information such as state of charge, remaining charge time, battery state, cycle life and others. Moreover, it provides the possibility of automatically recording data from each battery day after day in such a way as to build a history log of your battery fleet and simplify its management.

Every Blueshape or Blueshape compatible battery is investigated in parameters such as Pack Voltage, Single Cell Voltage, Cell Temperature, Cycle Count, Remaining Capacity.

Each charge channel can show a real-time chart with voltage and charging current details for both the whole pack and for each single cell, for an accurate analysis on battery behaviour.

Battery data is automatically logged during each charge session allowing complete tracking of the fleet history.

Furthermore, it monitors the AUX port state, and presents a versatile tool for charger maintenance allowing remote firmware updates and charger diagnosis.


- Win 2K, XP, Vista, 7, 8, both 32 and 64 bit

- 30MB HD disk space

- USB 1.0 port or greater

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