Sony CBK-55BK - ENG Style ShoulderKit for PMW-F55/5



Eng Style Shoulderkit For Pmw-F55/5
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Sony ENG Style ShoulderKit for PMW-F55/5

The Documentary Dock from Sony is an EFP/ENG-style build-up kit which enables you to expand your PMW-F5 or PMW-F55 camcorder into an EFP/ENG camcorder. This system is designed for a single operator and provides conventional EFP/ENG operation similar to that of Sony XDCAM series camcorders. The documentary dock has an ergonomic design and features an adjustable shoulder pad and front block control.

Two Adjustable Blocks for Good Weight Balance

Shoulder pad has 33mm adjustable range. Front block with all control buttons has 37mm adjustable range.

RAW Recording Functionality

The build-up kit also supports the AXS-R5 for 2K/4K 16bit RAW recording up to 240fps in 2K.

Battery Adaptor

Battery adaptor includes DC input, Hirose 1.8A DC output, and D-TAap 4.17A (50W) DC output.

Note: D-tap DC output not available when using AXS-R5

Easy to Attach/Detach Mechanism

The build-up kit features an easy to attach/detach mechanism that allows you to use the PMW-F55/F5 as a full shoulder camera or in the original style, giving you more flexibility in your style of shooting.

Support of Wireless Audio Receiver

The build-up kit includes an audio section and input/output section at the rear side, offering support for wireless audio, with a familiar design common to main broadcast camcorders.

Lens Support

Using standard PL lenses or common B4 2/3-inch broadcast lenses with the LA-FZB1 or LA-FZB2 will suit a wide variety of applications.

Note: When using the LA-FZB2, the original handle supplied with the camera needs to be used.

Supplied Top Handle

The top handle comes with a microphone holder and viewfinder cable protection. It also provides cover for the fan input on the top of the body to protect against rain or dust. The handle is also able to attach the CBK-WA100 Wireless Adaptor (not included) without needing a USB connection.






CineAlta Camera Models:



Audio Input Level

Analog: +4, 0, -3 dBu (-40 dBu with optional wireless receiver)

Digital: AES3 standard (-40 dBFS with optional wireless receiver)

Microphone Input Level

-70 to -30 dBu


1 x 144-pin Sony, expansion interface

1 x Mini jack, Stereo headphone

1 x 4-pin XLR, DC input

1 x 4-pin Hirose, DC output

1 x 2-pin D-Tap, DC output

1 x 15-pin Sub-D, wireless audio receiver

1 x 5-pin XLR, microphone input

1 x 5-pin XLR, balanced audio output

2 x 3-pin XLR, audio input

Operating Temperature

32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C)

Storage Temperature

-4 to 140°F (-20 to 60°C)

Operating Humidity

20 to 90%

Power Requirement

12 VDC (11 to 17 VDC)

Maximum Current Capacity: 1.8 A, with included battery adapter attached

Power Consumption

Approx. 3 W (while XAVC recording, color LCD on)


Approx. 6.75 x 7.25 x 13.88" (170 x 182 x 351 mm)


Approx. 4.9 lb (2.2 kg)



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