Sennheiser EW500-FILM G4-BW - Portable Wireless Combo System



Portable wireless combo set. Includes (1) SK 500 G4 pocket transmitter, (1) MKE 2 Gold tie...
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Sennheiser Portable Wireless Combo System

The ew 500 Film G4 Wireless Combo System Kit with MKE2 Lavalier Microphone from Sennheiser is the latest addition to Sennheiser's evolution family of wireless microphone systems. This package includes the EK 500 G4 camera mount receiver, SK 500 G4 bodypack transmitter, SKP 500 G4 pro plug-on transmitter with phantom power, and an MKE 2 Gold clip-on microphone. Accessories include a fur windscreen, CA 2 camera mount, 1/8 to 1/8" cable, 1/8" to XLR cable, and six AA alkaline batteries. This wireless system provides flexibility for your video sound and field recording applications.The receiver is menu-driven with a backlit LCD display showing the current frequency, frequency band and channel number, metering of RF level, lock status, battery status, muting function or line output level, and pilot tone evaluation. An auto-lock feature prevents settings from being accidentally altered. The companion bodypack transmitter is synchronized with the bodypack receiver via an integrated infrared interface and is programmable in the transmitter backlit LCD display.

The ew 500 Film G4 wireless combo system kit features 2000 selectable frequencies (50 MHz bandwidth) and is tunable in 25 kHz steps with 20 fixed frequency banks, and up to 32 compatible frequency presets. The 48V phantom powered SKP 500 G4 transmitter turns all wired mics into a wireless transmitter. Power is supplied to the receiver and transmitters by six 1.5V AA size batteries—two for the receiver and two for each transmitter—or by a Sennheiser BA 2015 rechargeable accupack for each unit. Finally, enclosed in a rugged metal housing, each transmitter and receiver will operate for up to 8 hours.


- highly versatile solution for professional film sound: rugged all-in-one wireless system for professional interviews and recording

- professional sound and excellent construction quality

- easy to use and fast setup time

- easy and flexible wireless synchronisation between transmitter and receiver via infrared

- up to 88 MHz bandwidth, up to 32 channels

- range: up to 100 meters

- increased RF output power (10/30/50 mW)

- up to 8 hours of operation time


- EK 500 G4 camera receiver

- SK 500 G4 bodypack transmitter

- SKP 500 G4 pro plug-on transmitter

- MKE 2 clip-on microphone• 4 AA batteries

- CL 1 3.5 mm jack cable

- CL 500 XLR to 3.5 mm jack adapter cable

- CA 2 camera adapter

- quick guide

- safety guide

- manufacturer declaration sheet


The evolution wireless G4 includes all the best features of the G3 while bringing many improvements to the system.

More power

The evolution wireless G4 has more power than its predecessor. The 300, 500 and IEM Series offer increased RF power up to 50 mW for longer transmission range. Portable sets for broadcast and movies have 8 hours of battery life.

Wider switching band

The G4 exceeds expectations with an extended switching band of up to 88 MHz in the 300 and 500 series.

More flexibility

The G4 offers total flexibility for a wide variety of applications: live sound, in-ear feedback, professional portable solutions for reporting and film productions. It is mobile, always in use, and it evolves with users and their needs.

Faster configuration

G4 Series 100 systems can be connected in series for fast coordinated installation with a new link function. The G4's intuitive LCD and OLED displays make life easier for engineers in any environment.

Full integration

The G4 allows you to stay connected. For mobile PA applications, receivers fit directly into the LSP 500 wireless speaker. Integrators love the G4's versatility in workflow and control software such as WSM (Wireless Systems Manager) and Sennheiser Control Cockpit.

Total mobility

For hotels, education and events, your mobile solution is the G4, which easily adapts to all rooms and working conditions. Documentary filmmakers and video reporters know that the G4 slips into any bag and offers remarkable speech intelligibility to their interviews or reports.

For years, the evolution wireless G3 has been one of the best selling wireless systems on the market. The evolution wireless G4 takes over the torch and goes even further with more power, features and flexibility.

- Fully compatible with existing wireless evolution equipment, from G1 to G3

- Unparalleled performance and feature set

- Many improvements suggested by users, wider switching band and higher output power up to 50 mW for the 300 and 500 series

- Great audio quality with a wide range of microphone capsules, lavalier microphones and professional headband pickups


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