Aputure AP-DEITY-CONNECTINTERKIT - Deity Connect Interview Kit



Deity Connect Interview Kit

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Aputure Deity Connect Interview Kit

Deity has designed a transmitter that combines various critical tools that no sound kit should be without. There were previously transmitters with built-in recorders, but so far none that allowed you to check the recordings via connected headphones.

Data loss can be a huge risk. For this reason, three backups have been installed to prevent the loss of your audio data. First of all, the HD-TX has a built-in battery, which prevents loss of power due to a suddenly opening battery cover or incorrectly labeled batteries. In addition, the HD-TX recognizes the power consumption of the internal lithium battery and knows when the power will go out, which automatically saves the recording in time. And lastly, the current recording, if the power button is pressed in the middle of work, is saved on the microSD card before the device switches off. By using the HD-TX Screen and Button Lock, this last source of error is completely excluded.

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