Schneider 68-885501 - 5x5 HD Filter Kit (5 Filters)



5x5 HD Filter Kit (5 Filters) Includes: Clear, ND 0.6 Grad SE, ND 0.9 Grad SE, ND 0.9...
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The Schneider 5 x 5" Filter Kit for HD Video is a great way to enhance your shooting technique. This kit contains a Clear, Tru-Polarizer, ND 0.6SE, ND 0.9SE and ND 0.9 Attenuator filters.

Clear Filter - During stunts which can damage a lens, Schneider Clear Glass Filters protect expensive front elements and other filters while providing the truest image, free of unwanted color shifts.

Tru-Polarizer - The Schneider Tru-Polarizing Filter is by far the most effective polarizer for motion picture and television cameras. Having an extinction ratio of ER 374, the Schneider True-Pol is 12- times more effective than other polarizing filters, and is unmatched in its ability.

The polarizing film in a Schneider True-Pol filter is laminated between two pieces of Schneider's crystal-clear, water-white optical glass. The filter is protected against edge-chipping and delamination by Schneider's unique Edge Seal, which also effectively reduces edge-reflections and flare.

The absolute clarity of the glass combined with advanced polarizing material make True-Pol filters particularly effective on demanding scenes, as when shooting through windshields in rigged-cars. On such shots, Directors of Photography have found that Schneider True-Pol filters capture more color saturation, wider tonal range and much more contrast inside the car.

Neutral Density - are designed to control overall exposure and/or various lighting conditions, without affecting color or contrast. In addition to permitting the use of high speed film in bright lighting conditions, they offer significant versatility.

The Soft or Hard label indicates the degree of color graduation. Horizontal/Vertical indicates the direction of the graduation.

Attenuator Filter - Neutral Density Attenuators diminish distracting backgrounds by permitting the use of wider lens apertures, thereby reducing depth of field.

Conversely, these ND Attenuators can be used to properly expose varying light levels within a given frame. They allow the amount of light reaching the film to be controlled without relying solely on the camera aperture.

Speaking generally, the 2-stop value (ND 0.6) effectively compensates average situations.

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