Fohhn LX-220 Linea - Hybrid line source system, white



Linea LX-220 is an extremely high performance, hybrid line source system incorporating...
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Fohhn Hybrid line source system, white


- High performance 4-way hybrid line source / mini line array system

- Long reach and excellent speech intelligibility

- State-of-the-art loudspeaker technology: 18 x 4” neodymium long excursions chassis and 3 x 1”  compression drivers with specially developed waveform

- Sophisticated multi-zone crossover points with electronic IPC high frequency protection

- Excellent sound quality for both speech and live music

- Very even, controlled sound coverage with high resistance to feedback

- Weatherproof aluminium housing

- Elegant design, perfect integration into room architecture

Peak Performance Power

Linea LX-220 is an extremely high performance, hybrid line source system incorporating state-of-the-art 4-way speaker technology. It combines innovative line array technology with elegant design. The system was specially developed to provide the best possible sound quality for speech and live music applications in challenging acoustic environments, as well as enabling effective integration into architectural surroundings. 18 x 4” high performance speakers arranged in a column, plus three 1” compression drivers with horn loaded Fohhn Waveguide system, produce a very direct, cylindrical beam characteristic. At the heart of these cylindrical waveforms, the sound pressure level remains much more constant over distance compared with conventional loudspeakers. This has a very positive effect on the overall sound coverage. What’s more, the sound reaches the audience more directly than with other conventional systems. Unwanted reflections from the ceiling or floor can be avoided, which greatly improves speech intelligibility especially in reverberant rooms. Using the LX-220, complex microphone set-ups can also be quickly and easily implemented. The inclusion of high quality aluminium housing and laminated speakers enables the unit to be used outside. For live applications, the LX-220 can be combined with Fohhn AS-22, AS-31, AS-40 or XS-22, XS-30 and XS-4 subwoofers. Recommended amplifiers for the LX-220: Fohhn D-2.1500 or D-4.1200 DSP-controlled systems.

Highly resilient 4-way line source speaker system in aluminum enclosure

Highly resilient, passive 4-way line source speaker system in aluminum enclosure, equipped with 18 high quality coated 4” drivers and three 1” drivers on a special horn loaded Waveguide. By using neodym chassis and an aluminum enclosure the speaker only weighs 16 kgs. Perfectly suited for dynamic music transmissions in rooms with demanding acoustics, long reverberation times and challenging architecture. The speaker is temporary able to work under 3600 W and generates acoustic pressure of maximal 131 dB. In a frequency range of 65 Hz to 20 kHz, the speaker has a precise and minimal-phase dispersion of 130° x 15° (h x v). Weatherproof, light aluminum enclosure with rounded sides, black or white powder coating. Optional available in all RAL Classic colours. For the protection of the speaker chassis and the electronics, the enclosure is equipped with a ball impact resistant, extremely sound-permeable front grille, which is made of powder-coated steel and equipped with a moisture- and dust repellent acoustic foam. The premium and complex crossover with an integrated electronic tweeter protection guarantees highest quality and operational reliability. 12 pieces M6 thread applications in ground, upper and rear side are integrated to the admission of system brackets. The loudspeaker system is optionally available with an integrated 100V-transformer up to 60 W.

Connections: screw- and pluggable 8-pin Phoenix terminal strip. All contacts exist twice, to connect very easy and safe to the next speaker. Specific brackets to assemble the system on ceilings, walls, traverses and stands are optionally available. Simulation data CAAD for EASE are available.





Electro-acoustical features


Acoustic design

Passive hybrid line source speaker system, 4-way, weather resistant


18x 4" long excursion with treated cones, 3x 1” compression driver on Fohhn®-Waveguide with self-resetting IPC[*]-HF protection, fully neodymium

Power rating (nominal)

900 W

Power rating (program)

1800 W

Power rating (peak)

3600 W


96 db

Maximum SPL

131 db

Frequency range

65 Hz - 20 khz

Nominal dispersion (h x v)

130° x 15°

Nominal impedance

4 ohms




Weatherproof aluminium

Protection grille

Steel, ball impact resistant, powder coated

Rigging points

12 x M6 threads


8-pin Phoenix terminal

Standard colours

Black or white powder coating

Front design

Steel grille in enclosure colour, backed by acoustically transparent foam

Dimensions (W x H x D)

Approx. 130 x 2200 x 120 mm


Approx. 16 kg

Optional features


Integrated 100 V-transformer

60 / 30 / 15 W

Optional colours

All RAL Classic colours, Fohhn Texture Design

Weather resistance




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