Arri KK.0013210 - Master Grip Zoom Set for ALEXA Mini/Mini LF



Pre-configured set with Master Grips and accessories, suitable for controlling zoom lenses...
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Versatile controls

The Master Grips provide full control of focus, iris and zoom settings on cine lenses, including adjustable motor speed, zoom response and motor limits. They also offer a comfortable way to control the integrated servo motors of ENG and EF lenses*. Mounted on tripod pan bars or studio pedestal heads, the Master Grips can be used as focus and zoom demands for multi-camera setups, such as when using the AMIRA in Multicam mode. Camera control functionality includes user button access and REC start/stop for ARRI and third-party cameras, with the latter requiring the LCUBE CUB-1 accessory, updated with CUB-1 SUP 2.0.

Well-proven design

Based on the classic ARRIFLEX handgrips trusted by generations of filmmakers, the Master Grips follow a proven ergonomic design. With controls that are easy to reach and yet protected from accidental triggering, they allow for prolonged handheld operating without any discomfort or strain. Constructed around a lightweight magnesium cast housing, the Master Grips are solid, rugged and reliable – able to withstand sustained use in harsh shooting environments.

Easy to use

With an intuitive user interface, the Master Grips are easy to set up either via the integrated touchscreen or physical buttons. The controls are fully configurable and a status readout boosts user confidence, with the multilingual display allowing menus and status to be read in English, Chinese, Spanish or German.*EF and ENG lens support with ALEXA Mini/AMIRA SUP 5.0 – initially only iris support for EF lenses.


K2.0009493 1 x Master Grip Right Rocker MRR-1

K2.0009363 1 x Master Grip Left Wheel MLW-1

K2.0012911 2 x Handgrip Extension 160mm

K2.0012921 2 x Cable Clip 15 mm

K2.47136.0 1 x Extension Tube for Handgrip

K2.0013042 1x Cable LBUS (angled) to LBUS (straight) 35 cm 

K2.0013040 1x Cable LBUS (angled) to LBUS (angled) 60 cm

K2.0012965 1x Master Grip Case

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