Sony HVLF32M.CE7 - External Flash



Compact, yet packed of features, the HVL-F32M External Flash from Sony is well-suited for...
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Slim, compact, and lightweight flash
Easy to store and carry thanks to its slim, compact and lightweight design. With a guide number of 32 (GN322), this powerful yet compact flash is the perfect size to fit E-mount cameras. It is convenient for everyday shooting and is easy to carry with its flat design.

Control your shadows with bounce flash
Bouncing the flash will reduce the shadow intensity and produce softer lighting.

Flash settings in plain sight
Flash mode and intensity settings are shown on the LCD panel, plus a warning display when the remaining charge gets too low.

Dust and moisture-resistant design
To ensure maximum reliability even in challenging conditions, especially outdoors, uniquely designed seals at joints around the body, LCD panel, mounting foot, and moving parts keep dust and moisture out.

Common features for uncommon lighting techniques

Control the ideal combination of shutter speed and flash intensity for precisely the effect you are looking for.

Wireless / Remote HSS control

Flash photography is possible with the unit detached from the camera, enabling creation of shadows to add a sense of dimensionality and depth to the image.

High-speed sync (HSS)

Synched flash with high-speed shutter in Auto. Supports all shutter speeds and wireless operation.

Advanced Distance Integration (ADI)

By acquiring accurate distance information between the lens and subject through TTL metering, ADI delivers precise flash intensity control that is not influenced by high or low reflectance of the subject or background.


Dimensions (W x H x D): Approx. 2 5/8" × 4 3/4" × 3 1/4" (66 × 119 × 82 mm), 
Weight: Approx. 8.3 oz (235 g) (without batteries)

Comprehensive LCD panel and charge progress indicator

Dust- and moisture-resistant design3

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