Tiffen 4565MULTROTVNDKIT - Matte Box Multi Rota Pol Tray Kit With Extra 45650 CP



Tiffen 4565MULTROTVNDKIT - RMT Base Unit with two 4x5.650 Tiffen Ultra-Thin Circular...
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The Tiffen Multi Rota Tray Variable Neutral Density Kit is a single geared rotating tray that allows the use and rotation of a 138mm Circular Polarizer filter and a 4x5.65" Circular Polarizer simultaneously. The tray is designed for use with matte boxes that lack a rotating filter stage, or for instances where a secondary rotating filter stage is required in a non-rotating stage. It can be used with just the included geared 138mm Circular Polarizer, or paired with the included 4x5.65" Circular Polarizer to function as a variable neutral density filter or to produce warm/cool effects, depending on the direction the tray and 4x5.65" filter are facing. A spare 4x5.65" Circular Polarizer is included.

The Multi Rota Tray fits into matte boxes which conform to the ARRI R2 tray size standard and its geared adjustment provides precise either by control by hand or a 0.8 MOD (32 pitch) gear wheel on a follow focus. It comes packaged in a rugged, compartmentalized storage case for protection and easy transport of the tray and included filters.

Key Features

-Accommodates one geared 138mm Circular Polarizer and one fixed 4x5.65" Circular Polarizer (filters included)

-6mm ARRI R2 standard 4x5.65" tray for use with matte boxes

-Extra 4x5.65" Circular Polarizer included

-Three Filter Effect Combinations: Polarizer, neutral density (up to 6-stops, depending on focal length), or warm/cool FX

-Geared adjustment for precision control by hand or standard 0.8 MOD (32 pitch) gear wheel

-Quick-release 4x5.65" filter attachment/removal

-Tray engravings provide easy positioning

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