IBE optics 500000002796 - Aesthetic Filter



Red Atmosphere 4x5.65"

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Red Atmosphere

The IB(E Filter set is truly unique. The new Aesthetic Filters can design the most diverse flares in backlight and therefore provide a helpful tool for creative expression in the film look.

For these filters we only use hand-picked materials, such as different fabrics, nets or natural materials like the seed of dandelions or horsehair, which then are carefully arranged by our well experienced and highly qualified technicians. By experimenting a lot with a wide range of these materials, IB(E was able to develop our distinctive filters like Organic, Rainbow, Red Shine or Blue Atmosphere. 

Depending on focal length, aperture, kind of backlight, light intensity, light placement or color temperature you can generate various artistic looks. The strongest effects can generally be reached with tele focal lengths. 

The Effect Filter Red Atmosphere creates light color shades. In backlight, distinctive red star effects can be generated. With an almost closed aperture and side light, especially beautiful circled effects can be made. 

How these stunning Aesthetic Filters are used is as individual as the eye of the cinematographer working with them. The effect of our filters can be overwhelming or subtle, its all up to the artist and his vision. There are no limits to creativity! 



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