Tiffen 4565DMSB - 4X5.650 Decamire Set Blue



4X5.650 Decamire Set Blue
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The Tiffen 4x5.65" Decamired Blue Set of Glass Filter - Takes the guesswork out of determining color temperature. 

Acts as a conversion filter for color temperature adjustments from any point to any other point in the color temperature scale. Can be used to create "proper" coloration in unusual situations and to make creative alterations.

Applications include keeping color temperature constant during the course of the day and producing the effect of different times of day. Available in two series, reddish filters that warm the light and bluish filters that cool the light. Each series contains 4 densities: 1.5, 3, 6, and 12. Filters in the same series can be combined.

The decamired system has an advantage over the Kelvin system in that the Kelvin scale is not linear

Decamired readings provide more accurate/controllable readings than Kelvin

The difference between the Mired value of the film and the Mired value of the light is the Mired value of the correction filter that correctly tailors the light to the film

A simple formula
-Mired value = 1000000 : Kelvin value
-Kelvin value = 1000000 : Mired value
-For 5600K daylight color film, the Mired value is 1000000 divided by 5600 = 78.6
-For 3000K artificial light, the Mired value is 1000000 divided by 3000 = 333.3
-78.6 Mired - 333.3 Mired = -54.7 Mired, or -5 Decamired
-A positive value indicates a reddish KR filter, a negative value indicates a bluish KB filter
-Thus, the filter required to adapt the 3000K halogen light (the slightly low value results from the mains voltage being lower than its nominal voltage) to a 5600K daylight color film is a blue Conversion Filter



Decamired Cooling filter


4x5.65" (100 x 140 x 4 mm thick)


-1.5, -3, -6, and -12

Filter Factor

Varies depending on what temperature it is being converted to






Light balancing


Architecture, interiors or anywhere where precise color balance is required

Color Temperature

Kelvin values can be converted into Mired values, which can then be added or subtracted from the Mired values of the filters


ColorCore Glass

Front Filter Thread Size

Not applicable

Front Lens Cap Size

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