Tiffen 23STR42 - 2X3 Star 4Pt 2Mm Filter



2X3 Star 4Pt 2Mm Filter
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Tiffen 2 x 3" 4 Point/2mm Grid Star Effect Glass Filter create multiple points of light, or "stars," streaking outward from a central light source. This can make lighting within the scene take on a more glittering, glamorous appearance. This effect is produced by a series of thin lines etched into the flat optical surface of a clear filter.

The size and brightness of the star lines produced are first a function of the size, shape, and brightness of the light source.


- You have additional control through the choice of a particular spacing between the lines on the filter; These spacings are measured in millimeters and range from 1mm to 4mm
- A 1mm spacing has twice as many lines as a 2mm spacing; It will produce a brighter star for any given source
- Lines in one direction produce a two-pointed star, just a streak through the center of the light
- Tiffen offers 4, 6, and 8 point symmetrical star effects as well as additional asymmetrical star patterns through their exclusive Hollywood FX Series (North, Hyper, Vector and Hollywood star effects)
- With an 8 point filter, the many star lines may tend to overpower the rest of the image, so use it carefully
- Generally, mid-range apertures or larger are sufficient to achieve a good star effect; Always test before critical situations


- Type: Star filter
- Size: 2 x 3" (50 x 75 x 4mm thick)
- Grade: 4 Point/2mm
- Filter Factor: Not Specified by Manufacturer
- Multi-Coated: Not Applicable
- Rotating: Yes
- Effect: Adds glamorous, "sparkling" effect to images
- Application: Use with "point light" source such as candle or street lamp
- Color Temperature: Not Applicable
- Construction: ColorCore Glass
- Front Filter Thread Size: Not Applicable
- Front Lens Cap Size: Not Applicable

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