Tiffen 23CDFN - 2X3 Cool Day For Night Filter



2X3 Cool Day For Night Filter
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The Tiffen 2x3" Day for Night (Lavender-Blue) Cooling Filter produces a day-for-night photographic effect. It is an effect that makes a scene recorded in daylight to appear as if it were at twilight.

Shooting in a remote location where working at night is difficult? No access to electricity for lights? Limited budget? Day-for-Night filters to the rescue. They give a special "evening" look to images shot during the day.

This is usually accomplished by the use of a filter that both underexposes by about two stops, and can also produce a bluish color overcast. Lighting, contrast, and other factors contribute to the reality of this effect.


- Industry standard special effect filter
- Unique visual effect makes this a highly prized filter for certain scenarios


- Type: Day for Night
- Size: 2x3" (50 x 75 x 4 mm)
- Grade: Lavender-Blue Cooling
- Filter Factor: +2-stops (approx)
- Multi-Coated: No
- Rotating: No
- Effect: Imitates a "night" appearance on film when used during the day
- Application: Cinematography, special effects still photography
- Construction: Glass

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