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Stereo Portable Digital Recorder

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Lectrosonics Stereo Portable Digital Recorder

The Lectrosonics SPDR is a stereo portable digital recorder offering stable high-resolution audio recording and playback for sound engineers, boom operators, and field recordists in VR, television, and video/film production. It records in iXML-compliant Broadcast Wave Format to a microSDHC card (available separately). Operate at 24-bit / 48 kHz to conserve storage space, or use 24-bit / 96 kHz for reduced high-frequency phase distortion. Its aluminum housing is compact, lightweight, and durable, making it ideal for indoor or outdoor locations. A wire belt clip is included for convenient attachment to clothing or a bag.

Two TA5M inputs accommodate mic- or line-level signals and deliver bias voltage for electret lavalier microphones. Linkable input limiters and adjustable input levels allow effective control of your gain stage. Additionally, the selectable split gain mode records each input to two tracks, one at the configured level and one at -18 dB to avoid clipping. Connect headphones to the 3.5mm TRS jack and easily monitor the output.

The TCXO crystal and robust timecode functionality ensure proper generating and syncing operations, and external timecode can be patched to the LEMO 5-pin input. A high-definition display and simple button layout provide efficient menu navigation and configuration of settings. Operate the SPDR for up to 20 hours via two AA lithium batteries, or utilize an external power supply for extended periods of use. The SPDR will automatically switch to the internal batteries in event of a loss of external power.

Broadcast Wave Format

With a timecode jam at the start of the production, the audio data file contents include a timing reference to make it easy to synchronize them in the time line. The industry standard BWF/.WAV file format is compatible with essentially any audio or video editing software.

iXML Header Support

Recordings contain industry standard iXML chunks in the file headers, with the most commonly used fields filled in.

TA5 Mic/Line Inputs

The input connectors are the industry-standard TA5M jacks that accept analog mic- or line-level signal. If using mic inputs, the SPDR provides bias voltage to power a variety of electret lavalier microphones (2V or 4V). The input connection is compatible with microphones pre-wired for "compatible" and "servo bias" configurations to feed 5-pin inputs on Lectrosonics wireless microphone transmitters.

AES3 Digital Input

Input may be switched to accepts AES3, making the SPDR an ideal backup/redundant recorder. Connect the AES3 digital output of a mixer to the SPDR via the separately available Lectrosonics MCAES3, which is a TA5F to XLR 3-pin female cable.

Timecode Support

Timecode can be copied from the internal real-time clock, for projects where it is desirable for timecode to approximately match time of day but it is not necessary to keep time with other devices.

Timecode defaults to zero at power up if no timecode source is used to jam the unit. A timing reference is logged into the BWF metadata.

Accurate Clock

Temperature compensating (TCXO) clock is accurate to less than 1 ppm at all temperatures. This high-accuracy oscillator allows free-wheeling precision for long recording days.

Dual Sample Rates

The SPDR has two sample rate options available, 48 kHz and 96 kHz. 48 kHz is an industry-standard rate and should be suitable for nearly all purposes. At 96 kHz, twice the storage space will be used, but there will be slightly less phase distortion near the top end of the audible spectrum (close to 20 kHz).

Linked vs Independent Stereo

The Linked Stereo option operates limiters on both channels together to preserve the balance of the stereo image. Use Independent Stereo to have a separate limiter for two separate sounds/voices.

Split Gain Mode

There are two recording modes available in the SPDR. HD Mono records a single audio track, while Split Gain records one track at the normal level and another at -18 dB as a "safety" track that can be used in place of the normal track in the event that overload distortion (clipping) has occurred on the normal track. In either mode, recordings over 4GB are broken into sequential segments so long recordings (over approximately 5 hours in HD mode or 2.5 hours in split mode) will not be a single file.

Dual Power Sources

The SPDR has an external power input with internal battery switch over, allowing all-day recording from your bag battery with immediate fall back to the internal batteries should there be a loss of external power.




Portable Recorder


Number of Tracks


Max Sample Rate/Resolution

96 kHz / 24-Bit

Built-In Speaker


Memory Card Support

microSDHC (Up to 32 GB)



Audio File Formats


Sample Rates

48 / 96 kHz 

Bit Depth






Analog I/O

2 x TA5 5-Pin Male Input

1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm TRS Output

Digital I/O

1 x LEMO 5-Pin Timecode In/Out

1 x TA5 AES3 Input



Frequency Response

20 Hz to 20 kHz +0.5/-1.5 dB 

Max Output Level

-3 dBu 

Dynamic Range

110 dBA 





Battery Type

2 x AA

Approximate Battery Life

48 kHz:

20 Hours 

AC/DC Power Adapter

6 to 17 VDC at 75 mA, Center-Positive (Not Included)



Operating Temperature

-4 to 122°F / -20 to 50°C


3.9 x 2.4 x 0.8" / 99.1 x 60.5 x 20.8 mm


5.7 oz / 162.0 g (With Batteries)




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Accessoire pour sacs et étuis

Accessoire Professional Series

Cable audio


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