Astera ART7 - Astera AsteraBoxTM CRMX



Interface between lights and controller. It can be used as a wireless DMX transmitter with CRMX technology and also works as interface between app and lights. Incl. Charger and carrying case, excl. Tablet and app (Recommendation: Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T280)

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ART7 AsteraBox ™ CRMX

The ART7 AsteraBox™ CRMX is the latest transmitter from Astera. Our engineers improved upon its award winning predecessor (ART6 AsteraBox™) by adding wireless DMX connectivity by Lumen Radio.

This deck of cards-sized beltpack, can be used in two ways:

Use an app driven Android tablet as your control device This configuration will give you the fastest setup time, with minimal fuss. You will connect and configure quickly and have access to pre-built and custom made programs and color tiles. You’ll have two way control over your lights and tons (but not unlimited) creative control. For you creative types on the Mac eco-system don’t worry there is an IOs app in development.

 If you’re on a movie set, theatrical production, television show etc. and want to patch into your lighting console, no problem. That’s where the new Lumen Radio addition come into play. Use the included mini 1/8″ to 5 pin dmx  patch cable and you’ll have a full wireless universe of WDMX/CRMX for your Astera and non Astera lights. You’ll still want to keep your tablet connected though as it will be your feedback loop to monitor things like connectivity, battery life etc. It will also let you make adjustments to your dmx settings, runtime, profiles, etc.

- Battery: LG Chem

- Battery Runtime: 72hrs (AsteraApp Mode) 16hrs (CRMX Mode)

- Bluetooth: Yes

- Wireless Frequency: 902-922MHz sender/receiver (USA) 2.4GHz wireless module*

- Range: Bluetooth, 5m RF, 300m

- Unit Size: L5.5″ x W3.0″ x H1.2″

- Weight: 0.5lb

- Housing: Aluminium

- Environment: Indoor / Dry Outdoor

- Ports: Micro-USB for chargind, 3.5″ jack for DMX

- Functions: Receiving Bluetooth Commands, Sending & Receiving RF Signals, Sending WDMX/CRMX signals

- Included Accessories: Micro-USB Charger



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