Canon 4507C003 - EOS-C70 Cinema Camera



The versatile video camera that is the first to combine the powerful image quality of...
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Canon EOS C70 (Body)

EOS has now been captured in the smallest Cinema EOS body. Compact yet uncompromised in video performance, it’s the light, portable answer to capturing candid handheld footage.


Cinema now within reach

The first Cinema EOS to feature an RF Mount. Take full advantage of the RF lenses with their exceptional image quality and expressive capabilities. Push your creative vision with 4k 120p 4:2:2 (10 bit) recording. There’s even a vertical shooting option for social media formats. 

Capture Contrast

You’ll be amazed at the rich contrast and gradation – even in areas of significantly variable light. The Super 35mm Dual Gain Output (DGO) sensor and DIGIC DV7 processor captures the finest detail – even in shadows, and is capable of high frame rate 4K/120 capture. 

Stay focused

EOS C70 delivers the most advanced Image Stabilisation of any Cinema EOS camera via RF lens support. Featuring EOS ITR AF X technology, the Dual Pixel AF keeps the focus on the subject you are following even when shooting at high frame rates at 4K 120P.

Shoot and store

The EOS C70 has two SD Card Slots for simultaneous recording so you can backup your footage in different formats or resolutions.


The EF-EOS R 0.71x Mount Adapter is an EF-to-RF mount adapter that can be used in combination with EF lenses. It employs optical conversion to capture the same full-frame angle of view with the Super 35mm sensor. Depth of field stays the same, and the f-number is one stop brighter.





Lens Mount

RF Mount (EF Mount Adapter)

Imaging Device

Super 35mm equivalent CMOS sensor (single chip)

Effective Pixels

4096x2160 (approx. 8.85 million pixels)

ISO Sensitivity

160-25600 (100-102400 with extension)

Base ISO

400 (Wide DR) 800 (Canon Log2 / Canon Log3)

ND Filter

Motorised variable ND filter (2/4/6/8*/10* stop)

White Balance

AWB / sunlight / light bulb Set (A/B) / Kelvin setting (2000-15000K)


Canon Log2 / Canon Log3 PQ / HLG BT.709 Wide DR

Dynamic Range

16+ stops


Dual Pixel CMOS AF


Electronic IS, Super 16 IS

Recording Format (Video)

XF-AVC Intra


MP4 (HEVC/H.264)

Recording Frame rate

XF-AVC Intra 4K/29.97p/25p

XF-AVC Intra 2K/59.94p/50p

XF-AVC Long GOP 4K/59.94p/50p

XF-AVC HFR Long GOP 4K/119.88p/120p

XF-AVC HFR Long GOP 2K Crop/179.82p/180p

MP4 H.265 Long GOP 4K/59.94p/50p

MP4 H.265 Long GOP 2K/59.94p/50p

MP4 HFR H.265 Long GOP 4K/119.88p/120p

MP4 HFR H.265 Long GOP 2K/179.82p/180p

MP4 H.264 Long GOP 4K/59.94p/50p

MP4 HFR H.264 Long GOP 4K/119.88p/120p

MP4 HFR H.264 Long GOP 2K/179.82p/180p

Recording Format (Audio)

Linear PCM 24bit 48kHz 4ch (XF-AVC)

MPEG-2 Aac LC 16bit 48kHz 2ch (MP4)

Recording Media

SD x2

LCD screen

3.5 inch LCD 2.76 million dots (1280 x 720 x RGB), touch panel




None (supported via commercially available adapter)





Audio Input

Mini XLR 3Pin x2

φ3.5mm stereo mini jack x1

Headphone Output

φ3.5mm stereo mini jack x1

Time Code

BNC terminal (for in/out)

Remote Control

REMOTE A (φ2.5mm stereo mini jack)

Lens I/F

none (supported via commercially available adapter)




φ3.4mm jack x1

Dimensions (W x H x D)

Approx. 6.3 x 5.1 x 4.6 in. / 160 x 130 x 116 mm

Mass (Body only)

Approx. 2.6 lbs. / 1170g

Power Requirements

Battery terminal (DC 14.4V) 

DC IN terminal:DC 24V

Operating Temperature

Approx. 0 ℃ to 40 ℃ 85% (relative humidity)

Approx. -5 ℃ to 45 ℃ 60% (relative humidity)


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