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Terra 4K Body

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Kinefinity Terra 4K Body

TERRA 4K, the best entry-level cinema camera, 4K 160fps with 3200/800 Dual Native ISO, easy to be used like DSLR. Body weighs only 990g. Based on sub-S35 3:2 CMOS imaging sensor with 4K+ record resolution (even up to 11 million pixels with open gate recording), it works up to 160fps @4K Wide, 320fps@ 2K Wide, and records Apple ProRes422HQ or compressed RAW as cDNG directly, to get a fast and smooth post workflow.

Super Lightweight: One-man Job

TERRA 4K, weight of camera body is only 990g; its size is only half or third of other MINI cinema cameras. Due to its small form factor close to DSLR, TERRA 4K works well with most of Gimbals, and also lowers the requirements on accessories: so lightweight for handheld operation and for one-man job. With new-designed SideGrip and 5″ fullHD KineMON, TERRA 4K is ready for shooting. TERRA can work up to 60-100min with its lightweight GripBAT (compatible with BP-U30).

High-Speed Dual Native ISO: TERRA 4K

TERRA 4K employs a whole-new, high speed &low noise CMOS image sensor featuring with Dual Native ISO: 3200/800. It captures low-noise and wide-latitude images in regular scenes or low-light environment easily. The native frame rate of 4K CMOS image sensor is up to 160fps, so the TERRA 4K can record 4K wide up to 160fps, 3K wide up to 200fps and 2K wide up to 320fps. At the same time, its rolling effect is very low due to the high native frame rate, even running at regular fps, and the latitude also reaches to main standard for high-end camera: 13+ stops. With advanced process, higher ISO and lower noise, TERRA 4K is twice as low as TERRA 6K noise level, with no need to lower ISO, very convenient and powerful.

Super-Fast Post Workflow: ProRes or cDNG

TERRA 4K can record up to 4K even 6K ProRes 422HQ directly to get a super-fast workflow with very high quality footages: ProRes 422HQ is much better than codecs based on H264, and compatible with all post-workflow softwares. It can also record compressed RAW as cDNG internaly: cDNG returns again in the form of an ajustable compression ratio. Current firmware supports three different compression ratios, 3:1, 5:1 and 7:1 respectively and all of them can get super image quality and large post-adjustment space. Davinci Resolve supports cDNG natively so that it can make film editing and color modulation internaly.

2.5″ SSD

SATA 3.0 interface

2.5″ 7mm SSD, compatible

No need external recorder

Recommend KineMAG 500GB/1TB


Oversampling to ProRes

Crop mode: higher speed, more res

KineEnhancer: Larger image frame

Combination for more fps and framing

KineMOUNT as Omni Mount

KineMOUNT + different mounting adapters

KineMOUNT supports:

adapters with KineEnhancer

adapters with e-ND

SONY E mounting adapter

Custom LUT

Custom 3D LUT upload to TERRA

Size up to 33*33*33

Unlimited number of LUT

Switching LUT instantly

Custom LUT

Custom 3D LUT upload to TERRA

Size up to 33*33*33

Unlimited number of LUT

Switching LUT instantly

4:3 Anamorphic

TERRA 4K: 3712×2700@100fps

TERRA 6K: 4320×3240@30fps

Desqueezed for monitoring

Complete Accessories

KineMON: FullHD monitor by one cord

SideGrip: Handgrip w/ powering and control

KineBACK: SDI, XLR audio, V-mount and more

KineKIT-TERRA: Perfect cine rig by Movcam

Merging all the performance of cinema cameras into such little beauty, this is TERRA: Creation, No boundaries. Not only for one-man job, but also for professional crew; ProRes codecs speeds up the post workflow greatly.





CMOS Sensor

sub S35 4K 3:2 CMOS Imaging Sensor

Crop Factor over FF


Max Resolution


(11M Pixel)


sub S35: 160fps@4K Wide

sub S16: 320fps@2K Wide


1. ProRes 422HQ/422/LT/Proxy

2. cDNG 3:1/5:1/7:1

3. KRW2.0: 2:1~10:1 *(Plan available 2019)


sub S35: 4:3 3712x2700@100fps



Base ISO

Dual Native

3200(from 1280)

800(below 1280)

Lens Mount

Native KineMOUNT as omni mount to be

PL/EF/SONY E by solid mounting adapters


1. SideGrip

2. Two-Pin DC Input

3. Integrated V mount Battery Plate (only available on KineBACK-W)

Video Monitoring



(TERRA 4K shipped from 2019.1)

HD Monitoring


Wireless Slot (For video and lens control)


(only available on KineBACK-W)

SDI Monitoring


(only available on KineBACK-W)


1. In-camera MIC

2. 3.5mm MIC-in

3. KineAudio: 48V Phantom MIC, Dual XLR (only available on KineBACK-W)

Size (WxHxL)

(Without projections)

4.5x4.3x3.7" / 115x110x95 mm

Weight(Body only)

2.1 lb / 990 g

Body Color

Silver Grey


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