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Kinefinity MAVO LF Body

MAVO LF, new and large-frame cine camera, 6k 75fps with 5120/800 Dual Native ISO brings stunning details, organic image and exceptional image quality, which not only shows cleaner images but provides wider viewing angles, shallower depth of field, and more immersive presence. Furthermore, body weights only 990g. Full-frame 3:2 CMOS image sensor with 6K+ record resolution (even up to 24 million pixels with open gate recording), it works up to 75fps @6K Wide, 100fps @4K Wide and 200fps @2K wide and records ProRes4444XQ or compressed RAW as cDNG in-cam directly, to get a fast and smooth post workflow.

Large Format Camera: Whole New Perspective

MAVO LF is equipped with a full-frame CMOS image sensor, effective area as 36x24mm, resolution is more than 6K: 6016×3984. Compared to the S35 format sensor, the large format CMOS sensor is 2.25 times larger, the exposure area is bigger, the single pixel pitch is larger, the SNR is better, then the picture is cleaner. In addition, large format offers a wider perspective, shallower depth of field and more immersive presence. You can use not only cinema lenses designed for large format like MAVO Prime, CP3, Cooke S7i, Arri Signature Prime and Zeiss Signature Prime, but also a large number of existing full-frame still camera lenses.

Dual Native ISO: 5120/800

MAVO LF’s whole-new full frame CMOS imaging sensor, not only brings much larger pixel size, but also has dual native ISO: 5120 and 800. The noise performance of the big guy is much better than TERRA 4K. You can trust on its native 5120 ISO when low-light even no-light cases. It helps indie filmmakers get the jobs done much easier and economically.

Super Lightweight: One-man band

Even though MAVO LF adopts 6K+ image record and whole new low noise and high speed CMOS image sensor, weight of camera body is only 990g; its size is only half or third of other MINI cinema cameras. Due to its small form factor close to DSLR, MAVO LF works well with many gimbals, and also lowers the requirements on accessories, handheld operation for one-man band. With SideGrip and 5″ fullHD KineMON, MAVO LF is ready for shooting. MAVO LF works up to 60-100min with its lightweight GripBAT (compatible with BP-U30).

Super-Fast Post Workflow: ProRes or cDNG

MAVO LF records up to 4K ProRes4444XQ even 6K ProRes4444 directly to get a super-fast workflow with very high quality footages: Apple ProRes is much better than codecs based on H264, and compatible with all post-workflow softwares. It also records compressed RAW as cDNG without external recorder. cDNG returns again in the form of an adjustable compression ratio. Current firmware supports three different compression ratios, 3:1, 5:1 and 7:1 respectively and all of them can get super image quality and enough room for grading. Davinci Resolve supports cDNG natively so that the RAW footage can be directly imported, edited and graded in DaVinci Resolve, simplifying the RAW workflow greatly.

2.5″ SSD

SATA 3.0 interface

2.5″ 7mm SSD, compatible

No need external recorder

Recommend KineMAG 500GB/1TB


36x24mm Full-Frame Imaging Sensor

Oversampling to ProRes

Crop mode: 4K S35

Combination for more fps and framing

KineMOUNT as Omni Mount

KineMOUNT + different mounting adapters

PL and EF Mounting adapters

Adapters with e-ND

SONY E mounting adapter

Custom LUT

Custom 3D LUT upload to MAVO LF

Size up to 33*33*33 cube

Unlimited number of LUT

Switching LUT instantly


MAVO LF Fits for all anamorphic shooting

Full-frame: 6K 3:2 with open gate

Full-frame anamorphic: 5.3K 4:3, 4.8K 6:5

S35 anamorphic:4K 4:3, 3K 1:1

Complete Accessories

KineMON: FullHD monitor by one cord

SideGrip: Handgrip w/ powering and control

KineBACK: SDI, XLR audio, V-mount and more

KineKIT-TERRA: Perfect cine rig by Movcam








Camera Type

Large Format Digital Cinema Camera

Imaging Sensor

6K 3:2 Full FrameFormat CMOS

Active area: 36x24mm

Lens Mount

Native KineMOUNT as omni mount to be PL/EF/SONY E by solid mounting adapters

*PL, PL e-ND *EF, EF e-ND, EF Enhancer *SONY E


Dual Base ISO




5120(from 2000

800(below 2000)



Shutter Angle

0.7°~358° with rolling shutter




Dynamic Range

>14 stops




Full Frame

FF 6K Wide

6016x2520, 0.2~75fps


Active size: 36x15.2mm, ø 39.1mm



6016x2520, 0.2~75fps


Active size: 36x19.1mm, ø 41.0mm


FF 3:2, Open Gate

6016x3984, 0.2~40fps


Active size: 36x24mm, ø 43.3mm


FF 4:3 Ana

5376x3984, 0.2~40fps


Active size: 32x24mm, ø 40.0mm


FF 6:5 Ana

4864x3984, 0.2~40fps


Active size: 29x24mm, ø 37.7mm


S35 4K Wide

4096x1600, 0.2~100fps


Active size: 24.5x9.6mm,  ø 26.3mm


S35 4K

4096x2160, 0.2~75fps


Active size: 24.5x12.9mm,  ø 27.7mm


S35 5K Wide

5120x2160, 0.2~80fps


Active size: 30.5x12.9mm,  ø 33.2mm


S35 5K

5120x2704, 0.2~60fps


Active size: 30.5x16.2mm,  ø 34.6mm


S35 4:3 Ana

4096x3072, 0.2~50fps


Active size: 24.4x18.3mm,  ø 30.6mm


S35 1:1 Ana

3072x3072, 0.2~50fps


Active size: 18.3x18.3mm,  ø 25.9mm

Record Format

Codec Type

Codec Format

Bit Depth



Compressed cDNG





Compressed KineRAW 2.0



2:1~10:1, *Schedule 2019










up to 6K 30fps





up to 4K HD 48fps


Video Port x2

HD Port x1

SDI x2*

*Applicable on KineBACK-W *Slot for Wireless Tx on KineBACK-W

Record Media

2.5" SSD with 7mm Height




Audio Capture

In-camera MIC; 3.5mm MIC-in; KineAudio* with 48V Phantom Power XLR

*Applicable on KineBACK-W

Sync Function

Tally, AutoSlate, Beeper, Trigger, SMPTE LTC*, 3D/Multi-cam Sync*

*Applicable on KineBACK-W


Preset: Neutral, Support Custom 3D LUT





Power In       




DC IN 11~19V/SideGrip/V-Mount*



*Applicable on KineBACK-

Body Color

Deep Gray





2.1 lb / 990 g



*Only Body


4.5x4.3x3.7" / 115x110x95 mm



*w/o projections, WxHxL


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