Sony HKCU-1003 - Multi Interface Option Board



Multi Interface Option Board For Hdcu-1000 & Hdcu-1500. It Provides Frame Reference...
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Three types of interface boards for CCU

The easy-to-install HKCU-1003 multiinterface unitconsists of three distinct variations of output signals for the HDCU-2000/-2500, HDCU-1000/-1500, HDCU-3300 Camera Control Units(CCUs) working with HDC-2000 and HDC-1500 (HDC-3300) Series cameras. The interface unitis also compatible with the HDCU-1700 CCU working with the HDC-1700 camera.


Three types of interface boards for HDCU-2000/-2500, HDCU-1000/-1500, HDCU-3300 and HDCU-1700 CCU
The HKCU-1003 multi interface unit consists of three typesof interface board and provides:
Two analogue NTSC or PAL VBS signal outputs, a PIX output,and a WFM output (Board A)
A frame reference input, output to lock 2-3 pull-downsequence, a PIX output, and a WFM output (Board B)
One analogue NTSC or PAL VBS signal output and analogue component R/G/Bor Y/R-Y/B-Y outputs (Board C)


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