Ikegami MoIP board - MoIP SMPTE 2110 Input-Output board for CCU-430



MoIP SMPTE 2110 Input-Output board for CCU-430

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Ikegami MoIP SMPTE 2110 Input-Output board for CCU-430

Expanding the range of possible interfaces for the CCU-430 control unit, this optionally available Media-Over-IP board incorporates a 25GbE optical interface (conforming to SMPTE ST-2110 IP standard) to enable the transmission of uncompressed video. This can be realized by either 1x 25GbE or 2x 10GbE SFP modules.

Any signals from the following list can be selected for each optical line as long as the signals do not exceed the bandwidth:

- Main Video (4K)

- Main Video (Down-converted HD, HD cut-out. (Optionally available)

- Monitor Video (1.5G)

- HD Trunk Video (1.5G)

- Return Video (6 Channels - 1.5G)

- HD-QTV (2 Channels - 1.5G)

One possible configuration could be as follows:

1st 10GbE: 2x3G for 4K / 1x 3G for HD cut-out

2nd 10GbE: 2x3G for 4K / 1x1.5G for HD MON / 1x1.5G for HD-RET

Additional SFP modules for redundancy can be implemented to further ensure reliability (Optionally available).

For easy integration into existing workflows and infrastructures, 2x 12G/3G/1.5G-SDI outputs are included as standard.





DC+12V4[A] max, DC +3.3V4.8[A] max

Power Consumption


Ambient Temperature

Operating:0℃~+40℃, Storage:-20℃~+60℃

Relative Humidity

30 % to 90 %(Non-condensing)

25Gigabit Ethernet


Ethernet standard

25GBASE-SR(IEEE802.3by)or 25GBASE-LR(802.3cc)

(depends on optical transceiver)

Maximum transmission speed

25Gbps(theoretical value)

10Gigabit Ethernet


Ethernet standard

10GBASE-SR(IEEE802.3ae)or 10GBASE-LR(802.3ae)

(depends on optical transceiver)

Maximum transmission speed

10Gbps(theoretical value)

SDI Output


HD output

3G-SDI:SMPTE424/425 Level-A/B, HD-SDI:SMPTE292M 4output BNC, 0.8Vp-p, 75 ohms

4K output

12G-SDI:SMPTE 2082

Frame rate:59.94P, 29.97P, 23.98P, 50P ,25P ,24P, 1ch 4output

Gigabit Ethernet Trunk Line

Ethernet standard

1000BASE-T(IEEE 802.3ab)

Maximum transmission speed

1Gbps(theoretical value)

Connector / Cable

8P8C (RJ45) / UTP Cat.5e


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