Panasonic AJ-P2AD1G - Micro P2 Adapter



Adapting the SD form factor of the microP2 card into the PCMCIA form factor of the P2 card.

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Get fast access to microP2 content with the dual-slot AJ-MPD1 

microP2 memory card drive. This affordable offload solution allows 

you to reliably transfer content from microP2 cards directly onto a 

laptop or computer via USB 3.0. Designed for durable performance in the field, 

the MPD1 features a ruggedized encasing and comes with single USB 3.0 

cable for both data and power, so no separate power supply is required.

With a 64GB microP2 card inserted, the MPD1 can offer immediate access

to more than four hours of DVCPRO, two hours of DVCPRO50 or AVC-Intra 50, 

or more than an hour of DVCPRO HD or AVC-Intra 100 content.

The AJ-MPD1 also supports Panasonic mircoP2 system content protection 

system (CPS) which effectively lucks the microP2 content with a password, 

insuring it’s safely. Only P2 equipment with the same password could 

read the content from that card.  Users benefit from the knowledge that 

even if their card is lost others can not view their content.

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