Sony HXC-FB80HN//U - ViPack Studio



Sony HXC-FB80HN//U - ViPack Studio

Pack consiting of:

1x Sony HXC-FB80HN//U
1x Canon KJ20x8.2BKRSD
1x Sony HDVF-L750
1x Sony HXCU-FB80
1x Sony CCFN-250

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21 595,50 CHF

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HD Studio Camera System with 4K Upscale and HD HDR Capability

The HXC-FB80* is a cost-effective high-performance HD portable camera with three Sony 2/3-inch Exmor™ CMOS sensors and a 3G-SDI platform capable of 1080/50p and 59.94p signal processing while achieving low power consumption.

In combination with the HXCU-FB80* 4K/HD Camera Control Unit, it offers user-beneficial expandability including 4K upscale and HD HDR support (HLG, Hybrid Log-Gamma)** for a future-proof solution. The optional PC-based HZC-RCP5 Remote Control Panel is available for a simpler application system.

*HXC-FB80N camera model equipped with Neutrik connector interface. (Works with HXCU-FB80N CCU model)

*HXC-FB80L camera model equipped with Lemo connector interface. (Works with HXCU-FB80L CCU model).

**Requires firmware upgrade available in 2018.

Power Consumption

- Approx.19W (Camera body only)

- Approx. 32W (Camera body with supplied viewfinder)

Operating Temperature

--  -10°C to +45°C

--  14°F to +113°F

Storage Temperature

--  -20°C to +60°C

--  -4°F to +140°F

Dimensions (W x H x D) *1

- (Body) 160 x 266 x 314 mm

- (Body) 6 3/8 x 10 1/2 x 12 3/8 inches

- (with Lens&VF) *2 295 x 433 x 571 mm

- (with Lens&VF) *2 11 5/8 x 17 1/8 x 22 1/2 inches


- (Body) Approx. 3.4 kg

- (Body) Approx. 7 lb 8 oz

- (with Lens&VF) Approx. 6.8 kg

- (with Lens&VF) Approx. 14 lb 16 oz

Full HD Exmor CMOS sensors

Incorporating three 2/3-inch Exmor CMOS sensors, the HXC-FB80 offers stunning full-HD picture quality and sensitivity of F13 in 50 Hz and F12 in 59.94 Hz at 1080 mode with a signal-to-noise ratio of -60 dB. These features enhance shooting in a low light environment.

3G-SDI Platform Capable of 1080/50p and 59.94p

The camera head can comfortably output 3G-SDI signals including 1080/50p and 59.94p. The new processor can also support 1080/23.98 PsF on top of 25 PsF and 29.97 PsF.

Future-Proof 4K Upscalable and HD HDR Support with CCU

Combined with the HXCU-FB80 CCU, this camera’s output is 4K upscalable and yet HD HDR-capable supporting HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma).* 

* Requires firmware upgrade available in 2018


In addition to hardware-based remote control units, PC software-based HZC-RCP5 Remote Control is also available.

MCS (Multi Camera System) capabilities

The HXCU-FB80 CCU provides support for up to 24 units, forming a complete MCS system.

Long Cable Extension and Choice of Fiber Interface

Using a hybrid cable with a power supply, the distance between the camera head and CCU can be extended up to 600 m. In case of the combination with HXC-P70, it can extend up to 1,000 m. In addition to the Neutrik connector interface, a LEMO connector interface is also available for the camera head and CCU. In the case of connection with a single-mode fibre cable (SMF), transmission can extend up to 10km using a local power supply.

Wide range of image control functions

The system camera is full of creative image control functions such as MultiMatrix, Skin Tone Detail, Low Key Saturation, Knee Saturation, and Auto Lens Aberration Compensation (ALAC).

ND Filter by Servo Motor

Along with an electrical CC filter, the ND filter can be remotely controlled either by external RCP/RM or via the CCU because of the newly adopted filter servo motor in the camera head.

HD Video Trunk and HD Prompter

In addition to the camera captured 1080 50i/59.94i video signal, another video signal can be passed through the same fiber connection line to the CCU side because of the 3G-SDI platform. Further to the traditional analog composite prompter support, the HD-SDI signal can be supplied from the CCU side.

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Visuals certified SPSS - 24 month warranty included!


Accessoire CCU

Accessoire caméra studio

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