Blueshape BV270HD SPLASH TWO - Vlock Li-Ion Battery



Vlock Li-Ion graphite Battery 266 Wh 18 Ah , 12 A load discharge IP65, WIFI
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The BV270HD SPLASH 14.8V V-Mount Water Resistant Battery Pack from Blueshape is designed to resist water ingress from splashes & water jets and withstand exposure to rain. The outer shell is made of 4mm-thick automotive grade plastic resin for toughness and impact resistance even at low temperatures. The internal lithium-ion cells are secured inside the pack in a reinforced modular cage. All the metal interconnections and the electronic BMS board are integrated with the cells making a single core. No wiring is used. The metal cell-to-cell tabs have been thickened using a lower resistance alloy for improved welding strength and superior electrical conductivity. The BV270HD is a powerful V-Mount battery capable of a continuous 12A discharge. The contact cover protects against short circuit of the contacts.

- IP65 rated, designed for outdoor use and prolonged exposure to rain

- 5 LED gauge for monitoring charge-level

- Enhanced contact protection for safer air transport

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