Blueshape BV90 TWO - Vlock Li-Ion Battery



Vlock Li-Ion Battery 90W (35 mm tick), WIFI SYSTEM
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The BLUESHAPE BV90 GRANITE 14.8V V-Mount Lithium-Ion Battery is a moderately compact battery pack for applications requiring lighter setups. It features BLUESHAPE's impact-resistant GRANITE Series construction, which protects the interior connections against bumps and impacts and provides protection against dust and water. The battery is capable of discharging up to 7A continuously without overheating or suffering performance loss.

Two P-Tap power output ports are available on the sides for devices operating at 14.8V nominal voltage. They provide up to 5A of power and are electronically and independently protected against shorts and overload so not to compromise the battery's main supply. A 5 LED gauge on the side confirms remaining capacity at the press of a push button next to it. Each LED accounts for 20% capacity and the right-most LED begins to blink when capacity falls below 10%. There's no memory effect and the battery can be charged at any time. You can use any BLUESHAPE charger designed for V-Mount Li-Ion batteries, such as the CVTR2 2 Channel Sequential Portable Charger. The battery features integrated safety, balancing, and monitoring technology and is capable of providing digital communication to enabled cameras and other devices. This model has no IATA restrictions and can be transported in reasonable quantities in hand luggage, or in checked-in luggage if installed in your equipment.

Key Features

- Moderately compact battery pack for applications requiring lighter setups

- 14.8V nominal voltage

- 10.8V - 16.8V voltage range

- 90Wh, 6.2Ah nominal capacity

- 7A maximum discharge current

- Integrated safety, balancing and monitoring technology

- Digital communication with enabled devices

- Two P-Tap ports provide up to 5A power and are protected against shorts and overload

- 5 LED gauge with capacity-check push button

- No memory effect

- No IATA restrictions; transportable in reasonable quantities in hand luggage, or in checked-in luggage if installed in the equipment

Features of GRANITE Series

The GRANITE construction features strong resistance to impacts and bumps, ideal for harsh production environments.

Modular Design

The lithium ion cells are secured inside the pack in a reinforced modular cage. All the metal interconnections and the electronic BMS board are integrated with the cells making a single core. No wiring is used. The metal, cell-to-cell tabs have been thickened using lower resistance alloy for improved welding strength and superior electrical conductivity. P-Tap ports are modularly deployed on each pack side and externally protected with snap on rubber caps.

Solid Construction

The external V-Bracket is screwed to the inner core through the bottom case, by means of a reinforcement metal plate. The outer battery pack shells wrap the inner core and clamp it with eight perimeter screws. A colored rubber gasket is sandwiched in the middle between the outer shells to improve water resistance.

Resin Shells

The outer shells are made of 4mm thick automotive grade plastic resin featuring superb toughness and impact resistance even at low temperatures.

IP54 Certified

The outer shell and insulation are rated IP54, which guarantees protection and safety of operations against dust and water.

Improved Longevity

The battery system as a whole will benefit from the robustness of the GRANITE construction because of the reduced risk of internal disconnection or malfunction caused by unexpected crashes. GRANITE models have been subjected to intensive testing, including several drops from heights up to 6.5 ft without suffering internal and external critical damages that render them unusable.

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