Kinefinity KF-DT2000-LC - DT 2000 Launch Card (600m)



DT 2000 Launch Card (600m)

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Kinefinity DT 2000 Launch Card (600m)

DarkTower Tx Card integrates 5.8G wireless video transmission and 2.4G lens control/wireless focus transceiver in very compact way. The bottom of the card is a high-reliable interface similar to SATA, 2.4G module RF part has the hidden antenna while 5.8G wireless video adopts double high-gain antennas.

There are two types of Tx Cards for different transmission distances, one with a 2000ft (600m) range and the other with a 3000ft (1000m) range, DT2000 and DT3000 respectively. Zero delay (<1ms) on transmission of 1080p60fps is available.

DarkTower wireless transmission part adopts the “card” design concept into Tx Card, so that a highly universal and integrated video transmission solution comes true.

- Integration: When Tx Card is inserted into extension modules like KineBack-W with DarkTower platform, the KineBack-W offers power source, SDI signal, communication control to Tx Card and even supports it mechanically, so that the wireless video transmission system and the camera system are integrated perfectly, and MAVO/TERRA becomes wireless camera. It greatly simplifies system and improves reliability and durability a lot.

- Universality: When Tx Card is pulled out from extension modules like KineBack-W and is inserted into universal Tx Adapter, it becomes a universal/general wireless video system like other wireless video system in the market that works by external mounting parts and SDI signal.

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