Arri K0.0012285 - artemis Spring Arm Carbon 19 Kg Pro Set



artemis carbon spring arm with standard industrial arm - vest connector. Includes:...
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Arri artemis Spring Arm Carbon 19 Kg Pro Set

The artemis Spring Arm features an extremely rigid and torsion-free design. The perfect bearing of the axes guarantees a quick response of the arm and smooth insulation of the operator’s movement. During the continual process of developing the artemis family of products, we were able to realize the artemis Spring Arm. Our aim was to fulfill the needs of camera stabilizer system users by reflecting on our extensive experience in this field and by putting new materials and production processes into practice. 

The artemis Spring Arm enables quick, precise, and soft operating, implemented by the lightweight cavity profile and shape that distinguishes itself by smooth and rounded outlines. It is possible to adjust the angle between the arm and the operator’s body freely and the turnover mechanism of the mating block can be adapted to the preferred operating side in an extremely quick and safe manner. 

Set includes:

- 1 x K2.0010330 - artemis Carbon Spring Arm, 19kg/41.8lb

- 1 x K2.0010435 - Hex Key 6mm/1.4in

- 1 x K2.0010463 - artemis Arm Soft Bag

- 1 x K2.0010434 - Hex Key 4mm/5.32in

artemis Carbon Spring Arm

The artemis carbon spring arms offer a lightweight and optimized state of the art design. The absolutely friction-free ball bearings placed in the extreme stiff and torsion-free carbon fibre bones guarantees a prompt and smooth reaction of the arm. With a weight of only 4.5Kg/9.9lb, the artemis carbon spring arms offers the best payload to weight ration in the market.

artemis Arm Soft Bag

Redesigned Cordura soft bag for all artemis spring arms. The new design allows to place the vest around the spring arm soft bag. In this way, an extremely compact transport arm and vest can be achieved


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