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The Moza iFocus-M is a lightweight wireless lens control motor for the Moza Air 2 and...
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Moza iFocus-M Wireless Lens Motor

The Moza iFocus-M is a lightweight wireless lens control motor for the Moza Air 2 and AirCross 2 gimbal. Whereas the standard iFocus motor is made of aluminum and features a built-in battery, the iFocus-M has a plastic housing and connects to the gimbal for power via an included, short Multi-CAN cable. The motor mounts on a 15mm rod via a built-in rod port and can be aligned to the focus or zoom ring. It can be controlled by the gimbal handwheel or using an optional Moza hand unit from up to 328' away.

Two iFocus-M motors can be used at the same time with the AirCross 2 because this gimbal offers two Multi-CAN ports. The gimbal handwheel can be used to control one motor and the optional hand unit the other. Alternatively, the handwheel can be switched between controlling one or the other motor via settings changes.

Key Features

- Lightweight lens control motor for Moza Air 2 and AirCross 2 gimbal

- 15mm-rod mount

- Powered via a Multi-CAN port using an included cable

- Can be controlled by gimbal handwheel or via an optional hand unit from up to 328' away

- Two units are supported on the AirCross 2, which offers two Multi-CAN ports

- Micro brushless motor with quiet, precision-fitted bearings and gears





0.25 Nm


40 Teeth, 0.8 Mod

Rod Clamp Type

15 mm

Operating Frequency

2.415 - 2.473 GHz

Transmission Distance

328' / 100 m

Control Interface


Firmware Update Port

USB Type-C


3.1 oz / 88 g


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